Midjourney Monday: Lamordian Money

The terms one enters to algorithmically inspire these images is in a discord server, so you can see what other people are doing and what terms they are using. Seeing someone else’s blueprints inspired me to try my hand at creating Lamordian cash bills for our Gothic Fantasy investigative game, Dread Domain Detectives Illustrated. Here’s what I ended up, good cash for a steampunk horror game inspired by Mary Shelley’s seminal science fiction novel.

full page scan of detailed steampunk money + human anatomy + clockwork in the style of the British pound note

terms that led to Midjourney’s algorithm imagining the following images

You can see a few where I got interesting results but the form factor was limiting. I used the same terms but changed the size, so it was more of a cash size and shape.

I looked around and noticed that we can change the height and width and then we were cooking with gas. How will I use these? Maybe as subject dividers in blog posts or maybe as strange stickers I give my friends who are playing in that game with me. I’m really not sure.

Now we’re talking.

If you dig the above images, there are stickers for sale and all artists’ proceeds go to the National Network of Abortion Funds (and then Threadless tosses in some more).


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