Gloomwrought: City of Midnight, Session 4, LOOK UPON ABORAZ AND DESPAIR!

The usual Gloomwrought: City of Midnight title card, session 4 but with the text in obnoxious red in a glitch-font - LOOK UPON ABORAZ AND DESPAIR
Gloomwrought: City of Midnight / Session 3 / The Second Wave

In which the Sigil 6 survive their first encounter with Aboraz, the Living Tomb, the Skull that Walks.

Who are the Sigil 6 – Trundle, Helewynn, Bugwump, Kuru, Jusko and Failed Soldier and what have they been up to?

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Aboraz landed, crushing the stone beneath his feet. He taunted the Sigil 6 in ALL CAPS. The party hated him.

I made some Aboraz houserules. Aboraz slowly imposes Lair status on any battlefield where he strides. I rolled a d6 for his 3 main Lair actions and he’d get access to those lair access when they came up.

We use the bingo chips from our XP Bingo Board as Inspiration. Helewynn and Trundle blew through a ton of inspiration avoiding the Demilich’s Howl, which would have taken them to 0 hit points. So, they were standing but were terrified of the next Howl, not knowing I had rolled and the power had failed to re-charge.

Without any rests, they were diminished and had fewer powers to choose from. When Aboraz Life Drained those in melee with him and the Iron Golem he is encased in, he healed himself of the damage they had managed to do for the first few rounds. Morale was not high.

Bugwump threatened to break the Staff of the Forgotten One, which might have very well destroyed everyone, including the Tomb that Walks. Aboraz was willing to bargain, “CHOOSE WHO AMONGST YOU WILL STAY AND DIE. THE REST MAY LEAVE WHILE I COLLECT MY BOUNTY ON YOUR COMRADE.” They didn’t go for that. Bugwump Dimension Door’ed out, trying to bring Jusko with him but the stubborn old fighter refused to leave just yet.

Trundle used his newfound power from the God of Gates and Portals to grant his comrades increased movement and they ran for it after Failed Soldier kept folks up with a healing spell. Aboraz’s Iron Golem tried to grapple Jusko but rolled a 1 and so they all got away.

I checked in, making sure it was a villain they loved to hate and not just a villain they hated for real. Everyone was having fun. Cool, cool. We’ll start from the guarded gate back to Sigil next week.

DM’s Notes: I’m glad that fight is over. Y’know, I think waves upon waves of enemies is what I’m supposed to be doing for every 5e combat. Oy.

Next Game: I have no idea.

Drew’s comments:

Other highlights: Petty wizard digs between Bugwump and the mechalich: “Something something and your aesthetically unappealing golem chasis.” ML: “AESTHETICALLY UNAPPEALING, YOU HAVE HURT MY FEELINGS. IT IS ALL YOU WILL HURT.”

Judd’s portrayal was amazing – Like a robot luchador moonlighting as a carnival barker. Super irritating, and funny.

Bugwumps signature black hole failed – oh shiz!

The backchannel chatroom: “Someone text Jesse NOOOWWWWWW”

Hellewynn was dropping damage in the 20s tonight, holy crap. Always give the barbarian the lightsaber, folks.

The fact this thing brings lair actions to every party is a problem.

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