The Dragon Deal with Troika!

Played tonight despite everyone being a bit low energy but still, we played and finished up the Sword Temple and established a cool next adventure. We’ve got another game on the calendar for next week but agreed that we’d ditch the game in favor of some social bonfire enjoyment if the weather is nice, not wanting to squander these last days of summer. We are treading dangerously close to having a weekly game on our hands if we aren’t careful.

PIC: Red dragon eye with scaly eye ridge. Don't tell anyone it is an alligator with red and blank radiant gradient over it.

TEXT: The Dragon Deal with Troika!

The artifact that they use to traverse the worlds is a Wind Throne and it has a dot matrix printer that prints out all of their maps for them. I like having a map on the table to draw on and give everyone a sense of place. I edit out secret doors. Dyson Logos maps are too good not to share. I made a basement map, where the dragon is sleeping and where its treasure used to be. When one of the monks was asked where the dragon’s treasure was, he said it was in a bank. The floor of the lair was largely empty with only the dragon’s three favorite swords on stands near where it sleeps.

We returned to the game right where we left off, with disarmed sword-monks on one side and vengeful children on the other. A dead sword-monk was nearby, his face decimated by the nunslinger’s laser pistol. The children wanted the dragon dead for destroying their village. Sister Falconius was cutting a new notch into the pistol’s grip in remembrance the kill.

Mental Note: I should have the old 2d6 Moldvay reaction table on hand for when I’m just not sure how NPC’s will react and no skills work.

I read the amazing description of the dragon to the table from the Troika! book and shared the cool art too. The knew the dragon would likely kill them. The vengeful children were grabbing swords off the wall and debating about which one is the best dragonslaying sword.

Sister Falconius talked to the children, urging them to go outside and wait for them to flush the dragon out to them and told the monks to bar the doors and not beat anymore children. Then, Mallory cut a deal with the dragon. In flattering and flowery turns of phrase, Mallory asked that the dragon (“Lord Dragon is fine.”) never harm the village again and in return, they would do something for the dragon.

The dragon asked the nunslinger about the fresh notch on her pistol and she said something poignant about not only doing it to warn off would-be aggressors but to remember the violence she’s done.

They agreed to retrieve a sword from a king who slayed one of the dragon’s kin. This dragonslaying king stole a flame brand blade meant for a dragon’s own champion. In return, the dragon would not go near the village as long as one of the children still lived – as long as none ever entered the temple again.

When this was explained to the vengeful children, they complained that it wasn’t fair. In the end, I had them go home but I think we’ll see them again.

Science Fantasy Sword Subject Divider

Now I’m daydreaming about a city ruled by a dragonslaying king. Slaga means slayer and cwealmdr√©or is blood shed in death in Old English.

I’ll fill the blanks below with character options from Troika!’s d66 chargen tables, using those character options as factions. I’ll probably roll or choose on the game day.

The Slayer King took the throne when the Wizard-King never returned, killed in the attempt to slay the dragon.

The Slayer King took the throne and holds on to his power with the zealous backing of the _____________________________.

The Slayer King is dangerously close to losing the support of the _____________________________.

Across the channel, a monarch trained originally as a _____________________________ watches for signs of weakness in Slaga.

Science Fantasy Sword Subject Divider

Wind Throners,

The Slayer King is a difficult man to see. You’ve all been in the city of Slaga for a month now.

What is your favorite part of life in Slaga?

Does anyone get a job or do you crash in barns outside of Slaga’s walls, trading a roof for a hard day’s choring?

Does anyone fall in with the wrong sort?

Does anyone fall in love?

Does anyone grow up a bit? How does this maturity manifest?

Who seeks out what kind of training?

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