7 – HARPY, Trophy Gold: Roots of Old Kalduhr

It had been a while as our summer schedules took their tolls from our gaming time but we got back to it.

Roots of Old Kalduhr title pic

Beams of light streak down on subterranean stone with a climber in front of a faceless statue of a Lost Sister in a cyclopean alcove.

Again, I really love the format of Trophy Gold Incursions and Trophy Loom’s odd little details about the setting. They’re easy to use at the table and I suspect they’ll get even easier once I have the books at hand. Our games are short 2 hour sessions with a break an hour in.

Spears Subject Divider Image 
From: https://www.clevelandart.org/art/1922.26.a

For the first hour we puttered around town. Basso spread his gold around a bit, bribing the Governor and paying for some carpenters to build cabins and walls for the Wellslode refugees, who had been in a tent city before that.

Kell made his room more like his Grove home.

The ghost in Basso’s spear noted that the Governor’s Kingsguard had no wood in their weapons (nice detail, Loom!).

Once again, they hired Aksil, who is becoming a part of the group. Basso even offered him a room in their house, which Aksil politely declined.

AI generated gold coin

We headed back into the Roots of Old Kalduhr and decided to look into a new entrance. Last time I used the Statue Clearing this time I used the Stone Bridge, leading to the Harpy Fountain, where a rusted grate took them to the aqueduct. I compared the Old Kalduhri aqueduct to the aqueducts they traversed in Wellslode, saying that the Wellslode engineering was clearly a poor copy of the Old Kalduhri work.

AI generated gold coin

A middling Hunt Roll led to the eels in the lake (a tiny detail I didn’t think I’d use) coming together overland in a giant eel-blob after Basso carefully cleaned off the Harpy statue. A Ritual and some Devil’s Bargains later and harpies are now awake in the forest and the stone bridge is broken.

AI generated gold coin

We left with the group looking around a Market Street. Basso, after asking Kell to be more careful, quickly put on a turtle mask which made his shadow that of a turtle with no other effect.

Kell, trying to get a grip on what happened to the people in this city, tracked to get an idea of where they might’ve run to and came to a barricaded door. We’ll start there next time.

Devil's Bargain with a scary black and white stag with a flame above its head between its horns.

Devil’s Bargains from this session:

Harpies are awake in the Forest…

What is a Devil’s Bargain, you ask? From the book:

Treasure-hunters laugh at danger, fueled by the folly of their pride. But failure nips at their heels, waiting
for the perfect moment to strike. When you gather dice to make a Risk Roll, the gm or any other player
can offer you a bonus light die if you accept a Devil’s Bargain from them. Common Devil’s Bargains include:

Causing collateral damage or unintended harm 

Getting lost or separated from your companions

Sacrificing an item or piece of treasure

Betraying a fellow treasure-hunter
Attracting unwanted attention

The Devil’s Bargain occurs regardless of the outcome of the roll. You make the deal, pay the price, and get the bonus die. The Devil’s Bargain is always a free choice. If you don’t like one, just reject it (or suggest how to alter it so you might consider taking it).

Anyone may veto or suggest alterations to a proposed Devil’s Bargain, especially if it would also impact their treasure-hunter. You may only offer and accept Devil’s Bargains when making a Risk Roll.


Harpy? The not-naming monsters thing is difficult.

Bestiary with Trophy Gold and Trophy Dark symbols embossed on the worn leather of an ancient looking tome.
Spears Subject Divider Image 
From: https://www.clevelandart.org/art/1922.26.a


Ready for Next Week: I’ll read over a few sets on theRoots of Old Kalduhr’s first level.


Lich Collection

Blog of Judd Karlman from Daydreaming about Dragons

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