Bralian Job Board

Got my first player for Monday’s game. Wrote up a job board for the Rock of Bral.

Wooden Job Board with post-its.

The Jobs:
Discreet Eyes needed for some spycraft. Professionals only. Success offers generous recompense.

Join the Royal Bralian Orbital Navy. Get some wind in your hair but keep roots on the Rock. Have enough adventure but also some family and a home. Rolling interviews all times of day and night.

Merchant new to Bral needs accomplished and brave bodyguards for delicate deals with dangerous folk. Meals and water included with handsome pay.

Arcane-minded professionals with impeccable backgrounds needed to move of a delicate artifact to a secret meeting. Dangerous folk will be following. Pious folk only.

Someone deserves a killing and someone else will pay to see it done. You know the drill, you scum. Get bloody if you want some coin.

Bastards stole from me and I want that which was mine back in my hands. I'll pay to see it done. Ruthless and bloody-minded a plus but the quiet kind of bloody. Let's talk.

Wizard needs cunning muscle to delve into ancient and lost areas of Bral. Treasure assured and an even split is promised.

Join us!

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