The Delve & Salvage Cooperative

Something I want out of my dungeon-delving fantasy crystalized during last night’s Into the Odd’s session. It is a feeling that has been growing since playing Wake of the Sorcerer Kings with Sean (LINK to blog posts / LINK to youtube videos). Here it is:

I want to play our games in a weird, sometimes horrific, fantasy dreamscape and not a capitalist nightmare.

In Wake of the Sorcerer Kings we solved this by making the delving a union-backed civic duty that, like firefighters, protected the community.

I wanted something a little different for Into the Odd and it hit me during a moment where they were divvying up the treasure. The players did fine and found a cut that worked for them. I have no interest in that tension. I want treasure to go into the Delving and Salvage Cooperative’s (DaSC?) vault, able to be signed out and used on future delves by whoever needs it. Everything the delvers find is community property, co-owned by their comrade adventurers who are a part of the Co-Op.

This takes pressure off the game and gets rid of arguments about how gets what treasure. The treasure goes in a pile and once they are home, into the vault. Cool stuff is shared. It is a community.

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3 thoughts on “The Delve & Salvage Cooperative

  1. I love this. I would love to see a system support this mechanically as well. The effects of dungeoneering positively impacting the world. Much as there is a draw to the gloom and doom of classical dungeon delving-type fantasy of rampant bastardry, sometimes hope is needed.

    Wildermyth is a nice example of a game (albeit video game) that shows dungeoneering and adventuring as being in the service of community good. More of that on the tabletop would be nice to see.

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