Into the Odd Quick Adventure Inspirational Tables

I’m running a twice a month game of Into the Odd with some friends. We’re about to have our second session and I’m fairly sure I know what the next few delves will be. After a while, once we have some context about our place in Bastion and our delves’ places in the Underground and the Deep Country’s orbit around all this mess, the players will likely start initiating ideas for delves.

But what if an adventure goes faster than I had anticipated or I want a fast idea?

If so, I’ve got the tables in the Oddpendium and I’ve got these.

Inspired by Into the Odd, Electric Bastionland and the playtest doc for Mythic Bastionland

Underground Faction
1 Rust Consortium
2 Star Cult
3 Ancient Council
4 Star Refugee
5 Lost Delvers
6 Mutant Beasts
Deep Country Faction
1 Secret Arcane Society
2 Rebellious Village Youth
3 Anti-Bastionists
4 Star Hunters
5 Irate Village Elders
6 Country Beast-God
Bastion Faction
1 Academics
2 Union Workers
3 The Young and the Hip
4 Revolutionaries
5 Urban Wildlife
6 Civic Officials

Daydreaming about Hex Flowers a bit too. Next time.

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