More Into the Odd in the 6 Cities Thoughts

Thinking about those imaginary friends who want to play Into the Odd but in a setting that is a bit more D&Dish. Thinking this post over and it would not have been enough. Here are the tables from that post in a slideshow:

Maybe players get to choose which city their character is from and they get a character based on their hit point total. Perhaps new places and character options can be opened by forming relationships by new folk from different places.

Cool, then we take a hint from our Dragonslayers game and when players roll up their Strength, Dexterity, Willpower, HP and Coin, they keep track of any 1’s or 2’s. For every 1 or 2, they can roll one more time (everyone gets a free roll) on the table below, getting allies, pets, lore, weapons, reputations and spells that link one’s character to the setting in unexpected ways.

I’m thinking of a rule where players can choose the result of any 1 die roll during their chargen. If they have zero 1’s or 2’s, they seem to be the subject of a prophecy that may or may not be true and they can pick their one result from the d66 table below (but only after everyone with worse stats has already gone).

11 Torchbearer
12 Scoundrel
13 Zealous friend
14 Loyal Duelist
15 Runaway Apprentice
16 Ghost
21 Domesticated Mimic
22 Hawk-sized Dragonish Critter
23 Underpanther
24 Blink Dog
25 Talking Owl
26 Little Monkey
31 LORE: necromancy, undead and the planes they inhabit.
32 LORE: elementals, their kin, and the  planes they inhabit.
33 LORE: Devils, their kin and the planes they inhabit.
34 LORE: Demons, their kin and the planes they inhabit.
35 LORE: Angels, their kin and the planes they inhabit.
36 LORE: dragons, their kin and their lairs and habits.
41 A runeblade, malevolent and deadly
42 A silver blade, stolen and psionic
43 An ancient dagger with a fell name.
44 A spear from a famous hero-king's barrow.
45 A staff that belonged to a famous wizard.
46 A bright blade, shining and full of destiny
51 Saviour of the Northtowns
52 Orcfriend
53 Elf-friend
54 Gnomefriend
55 Dragonfriend
56 Hero of the Barrow Hills
61 Learned a spell from a Hidden Cache of  Scrolls from the Mage Wars.
62 Learned a spell from a tome called Gifts from the Fae Queen.
63 Learned a spell from  a book called  the Wizard’s Guild Journeyman Archives
64 Learned a spell from a book entitled Olde Queen’s Druidaria.
65 Learned a spell from a pile of scrolls known as the Black Market Hobgoblin Cantrips
66 Learned a spell from a tome known as the Lake Country Family Illusions.

Yes, I know, I need tables for the spells. Luckily, I have a google doc with spell names that should do the trick. I’ll post those tables next time.

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