Many Odd Deaths

Into the Odd / Many Odd Deaths

Icons that reminded me of Into the Odd: cog, lightning bolt, star, crossed hammers, pistol, something, skull in a word bubble, bug, tree, fiery skull, star within a star

When a character hits 0 hit points and takes Critical Damage, they might be out of action for a bit. Or maybe a character has fallen but you want to tell them what they see beyond the veil.

Here are some thoughts – random tables for Bastion, the Deep Country and the Underground but more menus, hoping choosing what is right for the moment for the game, rolling if you think any might work – for incarnations of death that the delver, while hovering on the knife’s edge between life and nothingness, might hallucinate (or DID they? * cue spooky music *).

Deaths in Bastion
1 Foreman
2 Constable
3 Carriage Driver
4 Nurse
5 Neighborhood Kid
6 Kind Stranger
Deaths in the Deep Country
1 Farmer
2 Ancient Philosopher Priest
3 Local Who Died Recently
4 Everyone in the local cemetary
5 Cthonic Hound
6 Stormcloud on the Horizon
Deaths in the Underground
1 Winged Skeleton in a Spacesuit
2 Haunted alien humn
3 Dead Delving Comrade
4 Invsible downward pull
5 Alien fire diety
6 An Arcanas Incarnation

If these incarnations of death are real, can they be fought off, bargained with, challenged to a fiddle competition?

Bird skulls on either side and a skull with plants in the middle

Art by Perplexing Ruins

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