Reddit GM Advice: No Subtlety, ADHD & Brainstorming, Strahd Menu

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I made a list of 3 GM advice subreddits called RefAdvice.

1.Don’t be subtle. Tell the players when they are making characters what the game is going to be about. Don’t make them chase it. There will be mysteries and surprises along the way anyway.

2. I bet if you tell them and the characters’ back stories are linked to these three, the B plots will write themselves.

3. A group that takes over the Zhents might be cool.

Good luck!

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Would a brainstorming worksheet help?

Context, Cool Shit and Consequences

Hope it is helpful. Good luck!

I’m really glad to hear that. Quite a few people I care about have been diagnosed with ADHD (and I’m looking into getting tested soon).

Could be I made this to deal with my own stuff…

Good luck! You can do this.

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Use the book (and all of the WotC adventure hardcovers) as a menu, rather than a guide or a text that must be followed. Choose the meals that interest you and leave the rest behind. Don’t feel like you have to play it exactly as written in order to play right.

Make it your own, look at the amazing resources in the Curse of Strahd community (Dragna Carta’s re-writes are well worth looking over).

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