Into the Odd-like: Into the Megadungeon

Into the Megadungeon title card

This was originally a pay-to-play session idea that never went to the table and has been marinating since playing lots of Into the Odd.

TEXT: The heroes are all Dead. You are all that is left.

PIC: Skull

TEXT: What happens when the torchearers, hirelings & apprentices are the only surviviors remaining in the middle of a dangerous mega-dungeon? Will you rise up or perish?

PIC: Hand holding a torch

Memories of how you got down there are hazy because the Psi-Tiger that rampaged through the party damaged memories as it died. Players are the torchbearers and hirelings.

Roll 3d6 for Strength, Dexterity and Willpower and 1d6 for Hit Protection and Coin. Keep track of any 1’s and 2’s rolled. Every 1 or 2 rolled means you get to roll on the d66 table below to the left to get cool stuff.

The table to the right is to figure out what items someone gets if they roll 41-46 on the left chart but it can also be used to see what is left from the party. Referee – roll 1d3-1 to see how many items are salvageable. Use the salvage of what can be used from the bodies of the dead as practice. Players – practice describing what you are doing and how you are doing it. Practice letting the Referee know when you are using slow and careful caution and when you are working quickly to get things done before some monster randomly comes upon you. Use this as a safe opportunity to describe what your character is doing and how they do it.

Referee, practice describing items and the placement of things like bodies and doors and hallways. Mark up the map with where the bodies are but don’t show it to the players; practice using this as a reference and describing it to the players. Don’t forget the Psi-Tiger’s corpse.

NOTE: Judd, you are saying, this is really condescending. The above is for me. I’m not used to running games from a module and a map. I need practice so I built it in to the adventure.

Spells from different spellbooks in case you need them. I’d be thinking spells are wormlike construct creatures that wriggle into one’s brain and nest there until they are cast. But I’d also change the spells and the Lore in the d66 table above based on the dungeon.

STR, DEX or WILL is 3-9, choose 2 from the gear.

STR, DEX or WILL 10-13, choose 1 from gear.

STR, DEX or WILL 14-18, 0 gear.

Maybe DNGN, maybe The Lost City, maybe one of Dyson Logo’s big maps (Halls of Geryon or the Dyson Megadugeon) with factions and areas marked off and keyed. My first instinct is to grab DNGN, start the game in the 3rd or 4th level.

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