Into the Odd Delve #4: The Black Lantern

Grabbed the Lantern of Wyv from Trilemma Adventures. That book is a gold mine. Available here.

Everyone, including me, hit their stride in this one. I felt like I am getting better at describing dungeon environments. I had wanted to take the text off the map and make it available but I’m glad I didn’t. It was good practice.

I loved the way the strangeness in the Lantern interacted with Sparky, with Pip’s missing arm, with Thorough’s cunning and Glim’s humanity. Coming up from the bottom changed the adventure quite a bit.

In our Stars & Wishes above, Sparkle (not to be confused with Sparky – a fictional floating chrome orb that seems to have gained sentience in this adventure) mentioned wanting her character, Pip, to gain a special skill. That is interesting. I’m thinking about that as we move forward.

This adventure is the kind of puzzle I dig – environmental puzzles in which the players learn the rules of the weird dungeon environment and hopefully learn to manipulate it to their advantage.

Everyone became more strange in this adventure. Pip has a crystal mesh arm and is looking for a skillset to define her niche. Thorough’s Arcana, an electrified chrome sphere that floats a few feet above the ground, has gained sentience. Glim “pulled a Batman” and saved a rival delver’s life; now Orren is his apprentice.

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