Kill Acererak 2: The Knife, the Jar and the Eye

In which the Sigil 6 find Acererak’s Soul Jar, hidden near the Eye of Vecna – also Lord Soth gains power and a gaggle of necromancers gain the resources they need to make wealth management plans so they can start thinking about saving for their retirement.

TEXT: Traversing the Shadowfell's coldest mountains, the Sigil 6 are attempting to KILL ACERERAK.

PIC: Black and White negative volcano

Who are the Sigil 6 – Trundle, Helewynn, Bugwump, Kuru, Jusko and Shepherd what have they been up to?

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With them help of Kuru’s abilities as an Arcane Trickster Rogue and Trundle’s abilities as a Ranger with levels as a Cleric of a God of Portals, the Sigil 6 made their way past the vicious Frost Giant clans whose mountain fortresses surround the archlich’s sanctum, a volcano in the Shadowfell that spews negative energy rather than lava.

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There were two gates, big enough to welcome a Frost Giant host in the side of the negacano. Shepherd communed with the Raven Queen to know that the doorway with the green limestone eyes was the true door and the doorway with thousands of green gems representing Acererak’s eyes as depicted on the gate’s carvings was the deathtrap. But even the true door had a Wraith Lord within it.

Jusko stepped up, with a dagger given to him from Lord Soth, as a way for the Knight of the Black Rose to find the fallen knight of House Hajek should he perish. Jusko invoked his noble background and addressed the wraith as a still-living king. “The Knight of the Black Rose is seeking you and your host.” I had him roll a Persuasion. It worked.

Why did this work? I’m thrilled you asked.

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Before the game, while eating dinner I grabbed an empty Hex Flower sheet I made ages ago. I set it up with 3 circles, with different resources the factions within Acererak’s mountain might fight to claim once they realized their Lich Lord was dead.

More on the Hex Flower tool here.

I rolled twice to see where each faction was – one roll for each day. Acererak’s wraiths, the Wyrmghasts, were on the verge of exodus, of deserting their posts just a day ago. The Wraith Lord was holding them in place by a slim margin and they still had the apprentices and ghouls to deal with. This was a powerful leader looking for a way out. The Hex Flower told me so. In walks this fallen knight with a token of The Death Knight in his hands and a promise of a way out.

I need a word for this, for those moments where the players gain something and then use it in ways you had never anticipated. Reincorporation, maybe? I don’t know. It is a thing and is always a source of delight.

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Hellewynne sniffed out the Soul Jar, having smelled the odd mix of alchemical agents and necromantic ritual items before. It was in an isolated crypt that none of the factions had attempted to go near. The door read, “My Greatest Rival.” They carefully dispelled the Power Word Kill trap and found a gauntlet holding the Eye of Vecna. A few spells let them know that the gauntlet was the Soul Jar, hidden next to a legendary and powerful necromantic artifact.

The group unloaded and ditched the vampire accountants they had been holding a portal hole since Gloomwrought and Mage Handed the items into said portable hole.

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Next Game: The Sigil 6 will try to get the Soul Jar to a swamp just outside of Greyhawk City – in a backwater Prime.

Meanwhile, Lord Soth just gained a host of wraithguards and the necromancer apprentices who followed Acererak will start thinking about investment opportunities.

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