Souls-like Duet Campaign with a Nazgul

Looking at this piece from Perplexing Ruins’ Patreon and daydreaming about a Souls-like duet game (1 GM/1 Player) where the player is a Nazgul-like creature who has defected from the service of the Sauron/Evil One/BBEG. They had the will to do so because while the other wraiths inherited their crowns and thrones by birth, this one was a Monarch By Their Own Hand.

Maybe the 9 Doomed to Die, the 3 elves under the sky, the 7 dwarf-lords in their halls of stone created this myth of the Ruling Ring as an excuse for their own corruption.

The campaign is about venturing around some vaguely Middle-Earth meets Elden Ring phantasmagoria map, having adventures, righting wrongs as best one can with what you were buried with – a black cloak, black horse, corrupt ring, an ancient iron crown and a pock-marked sword. If you die you wake up in your tomb with these things and nothing else. Unless you have other rings, then you can start in THOSE tombs if you want. Oooh.

7 + 3 + 9 is just one off from a d66 table. Hmmm…

Skull in the middle with vegetation and bird skulls on either side by Perplexing Ruins

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4 thoughts on “Souls-like Duet Campaign with a Nazgul

  1. Fascinated by this idea! But confused by this:

    > 7 + 3 + 9 is just one off from a d66 table. Hmmm…

    Doesn’t this give you 189 options, if you go 111, 112, 113, etc., or a range from 3-19 if you roll 1d7, 1d3 and 1d9 and add them together?

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