Reddit GM Advice: Campaign Prep, Campaign Based on Fictional Settings, & the Hopeful Herd

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I made a list of 3 GM advice subreddits called RefAdvice.

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One thing you can do is before the session ends, you can talk about what they plan to do next. Don’t obfuscate it, tell them it is so you can daydream about what comes next and have ideas.

Have you heard of the saying, “Don’t prep plots, prep situations.”

Might help. Here are a few links:

Here’s a series of links where I take something and mine the situation from it called Situation Mining:

I made a brainstorming document called Context, Cool Shit and Consequences. Hope it helps your process.

Hope those links are helpful. Good luck!

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I prefer this to be a conversation with the whole table if possible.

Here are some options…

Re-play: Maybe we don’t like how the Star Wars Prequels or how the action movie about vampires fighting werewolves shook out and we want to play it with the same setting and characters but seeing how things would be different.

Serial Numbers Filed Off: We take pieces of this thing we like and make our own version of it. “Let’s play medieval-ish nobles who ride dragons…” “Let’s play sword-monks in a Flash Gordin-ish space opera setting…”

Timeline: Maybe we jump forward or jump back to a place where the fiction we love won’t effect us and we make our own thing in the setting with references to the characters in the fiction. I did this with my dad in Westeros years before House of the Dragon…

Genre Shift: I see folks do this with Star Wars a whole lot. Rich Rogers, I’m looking at you. With the current batch of TV shows, there will be less and less new genres to give a shot but still – do the setting in a new genre. Star Wars meets Sopranos. Star Trek meets Blackhawk Down…etc.

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It is said a group of paladins rode their steeds into Hell, hoping to destroy evil once and for all.

They failed.

But their steeds have become a herd that brings hope to any who see it.

The steed could be one of that herd.

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