What is the Dragon up to? a mini-Hex Flower

Playing a bit with this Hex Flower idea. Here’s a thing in case you need to keep track of what a dragon is up to and want the dice to add a bit of chaos spice. Maybe add +1 to the die rolls as the years and decades roll on if you want to get complicated.

Here’s a blank pdf and a blank png in case you’d like to make your own. If you find use for any of it, I’d love to hear how it shakes out at your table.

Have I overthought this a bit and possibly made it needlessly complicated? Maybe. To be honest, the designs I’m futzing with that use full-sized Hex Flowers are less complex with where the results lead from one hex to another. I am trying to figure out how to best present them. A video? A blog post with text and let them stand on their own? A blog post with a video? We’ll see.

Below is my response from Mastodon when I was asked how to use this thing:

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