Reddit GM Advice: Good or Bad Tears, Escaping Hell & Ask and Tell

Reddit Icon in front of my lovely rainbow dice from Dice Envy.

I made a list of 3 GM advice subreddits called RefAdvice.
DM tips? from DnD

Talk to your friend. Find out if they are okay.

Find out if it was 1) a good cry, like after a good movie or 2) a bad cry, like after reliving trauma.

Great! What was moving about the game? Talk it over.

Not great! Let’s make sure the game doesn’t force anyone to relive trauma. Look at some safety tools to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Good luck with the conversation.

Rather than think of ways to escape Hell, I’d think about the legends of the only 3 people to have escaped Hell.

Some say one of the legends is a lie, a trap to create hope that will only be destroyed when the attempt fails.

Ask the players why their characters are at the outdoor market when it was attacked in what historians would say was the first attack of the coming Dragon War.

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