Second Session of Mythic Bastionland

Our first session was back in August but after digging through our schedules, we found time to play again. The more structure in the game (maps, myths, etc.) the easier it is to jump back into a game after a long layoff.

Mythic Bastionland title card
Protect the Weak
Seek out Myths
Honor the seers

Pic of a trio of hexes with pictures of terrain in them.

Folks are going to be studying the techniques Mythic Bastionland has for creating a hexcrawl for a long time. The way we pepper the landscape with Myths and then the Omens offered in each Myths one-page entry is incredible. Already the Myths are starting to cross pollinate and become a tangled web of arcane stuff occurring all over the map.

Wild Travel Tabel
1 Encounter next Omen from Random Myth in this Realm.
2 Encounter the next Omen from the Nearest Myth.
4-6 All Clear.

The trio of knights started out looking into a stone archway to another world and ended up making a deal with an otherworldly creature and heading to find a Seer frozen in Ironwood to get answers on how to pay off this creature and end the debt one of the characters took on.

On their way to the Seer’s village, after doing battle with a chymerical pack forest guardian we rolled the dice on the Travel rules and an Omen from another Myth popped up. The Omen from this Myth was a trio of knights guarding a Seer.

The tools the game offers (Myths and Omens, the different types of knights and the way it all intersects with the rules) are evocative and are inspiring interesting choices.

Three hexes with terrain in them.

Terrain is from drone shots of a bog, a forest and a castle.

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