Into the Borgenwold on Actual Play

TEXT: Into the Borgenwold

Some tables for playing the old school role-playing adventure,
The Beast of Borgenwold by Harry Menear
using Into the Odd by Chris McDowall with some slight changes to character creation.
If any of this looks interesting, please support these creators by purchasing their work.
This was put together by Judd Karlman

PIC: Manticore from medieval manuscript mauling some poor lad.

Wrote this up earlier this month. Hacked at Into the Odd, thinking about how I’d use it to play the new OSE module, The Beast of Borgenwold.

We played it last week and should finish it up on the first Sunday of 2023. Youtube playlist below.

Nice to get a kind word from the adventure’s creator:

Comment from Youtube:

Author here! Holy crap it is genuinely surreal to see someone playing my adventure and an absolute pleasure to see it being run so well. You're absolutely right that Yuri is Joe Pesci, by the way.

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