Slide Show for the Thursday Night Group: What to play next…

Put together a slideshow for the Thursday night group as we transition from the Sigil 6 to something else…

I put slides and my notes below each picture.

I love gaming with you all. If none of these ideas work, we can run some one-shots or play a board game until we figure it out.

We will need to talk about the Sigil 6 and finding a satisfying ending. That said, we could circle back some day. But let’s leave at a place where we are satisfied in case we do not.

No pressure!

Limiting factors (group size and other complications…)

So many amazing indie creators to support…

Let’s not become frozen in the amazing choices

Touchstones: Stephen King, Strange Things, ???

Some assembly required but I think it’ll be fun

Too real? Too much? Horror/Modern Fantasy…

How about an earth that isn’t a corporate neo-capitalist wasteland? 

I’ve got weird ideas about cloning and dropping to the planet’s surface and the odd AI that runs the satellite…

Picture by Søren Niedziella

Fuck Harry Potter

Touchstones: Wizard of Earthsea, Cold Iron

I’ve got weird ideas, some assembly required

Science Fantasy, New Weird meets Marco Polo

Probably will take us a few months…

Weird prehistoric/ahistoric dinosaur stone and sandal fantasy?

Wild West fantasy (swords instead of guns) with weird crystal magic and shit…

Is there an option I have not considered? Does someone else want to GM? What else?

After a discussion last night we’ve narrowed it down to 3.

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