The Velinken Barrow Fortune

I like keeping track of wealth in some games but don’t like bean-counting. Here’s my compromise.

The Into the Odd-ish game that began with Into the Borgenwold has become our Sunday night B-game on the Actual Play twitch channel. As always, I wanted a way to keep track of a small fortune the players have amassed without counting thousands or even hundreds of coins – a few dozen tops.

Cockatrice heraldry above 4 rows of 5 ancient coins

TEXT: You own a jarl's ransom in wealth after selling what you dragged out of the Velinken barrow. Every time you want to purchase something of considerable value, we will mark off one or more coins.
In the wild places of the world, coins are just metal discs but until all of the coins are marked, living simply in a town or city can be taken for granted without worry. If you want to put on airs and live like a priviledged princeling, we will start marking coins. 

1 coin: starting a humble business, raw materials to make your own fine piece of armor or legendary weapon
3 coin: purchasing fine armor or a legendary weapon
5 coin: servants for 1 year
10 coin: noble title/land or laying  the foundation of a powerful organization, professional knights as house guard for 1 year, 
20 coin: crude wooden fort that in 10+ years could be a fortress, ransom a jarl
30 coin: castle, foundation of a cathedral, ransom a monarch or heir

I’ve done this before:

This time I added a few examples, including some that are well outside of their price range. The bigger things still require time and expertise as well as money. I put this as the background on a jamboard page and mark off coins as players spend.

Same pic as above but on a jamboard with a few coins blocked off.

It is an easy port over to Into the Odd’s Enterprises system. One thing I might add to that is one has to invest the amount of the next die type. So if your enterprise is going from d4 to d6, you have to set aside 6 coin before the enterprise goes up.

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