Into the UVG: Caravans

IMAGE: Broken down rusted truck in a purple landscape with a blue hand buried in the sand.


This is the second blog post looking at Luka Rejec's psychadelic metal fantasy setting, UVG and the Black City, and using Chris McDowall's fantasy RPG, Into the Odd, as a foundation system to play in the setting. If any of this sounds interesting, please go grab the inspirational books above.

After the blog post where I jotted down some thoughts with outlands coming to the Ultraviolet Grasslands, I thought futzing around with the Caravan Sheet from UVG with Into the Odd‘s War rules on page 40 would be easy but, like lots of game design, it wasn’t. I’ve got a working sheet and vague ideas about using tags like they are used in Apocalypse World. Meaning that, rather than keeping track of food and water, I’d use scarcity as fodder for failed rolls:

You navigate the prismatic maze but the truck is making a rattling sound the tech priest you hired says you’ll need to address at the next stop, if not before…

Or the tags will provide situation when folks are making decisions:

The shortcut will work but there is very little for the steeds to forage, so you’ll need to clear some sack space for extra food and if shit goes wrong in the emerald gorges, feeding them could be a problem.

Maybe the Caravan Leader’s WILL is the Caravan’s WILL. Their DEX is decided by their slowest pack animal and their STRENGTH by the levels of fighting folk willing to throw down to defend the caravan.

I’m not sure that this is something I’ll get to the table with the Thursday night group anytime soon but it is a fun idea to have in hand. We can figure out any holes in this these ideas.

My attempt to make the UVG Caravan Sheet my own.

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