Campaign Ideas: Cleaning out the crypts for the republic

Campaign Pitch: Since the feudal system was dismantled, the (not noble, never call them nobles) entitled’s crypts have been exploding with angry undead, irate that the common-folk have had the audacity to rise up and govern themselves.

The Guild is hiring, desperate for steady hands who can delve into the tombs the city was built on. Don’t listen to the undead entitled who will tell you that they are legends and you are nothing, that you have no place wielding weapons and should have been happy toiling for your betters in the fields. Scatter their bones and reclaim their treasure to fund the building of a better world.

Who is in this crypt?

Entitled Myths d66
Olde Titles d6

In the building of crypts, as usual, Dyson Logos has us covered under their blog’s crypt tag or we could rock out with the Dungeon Geomorphs tag, number the geomorphs and make a bunch of crypts.

Make a map of the city (the mercenaries post has fun links for city-making). Daydream about adventure ideas outside the city in distant places where monarchy’s fell lies still have roots. Daydream about how religion is handling all of this.

What game could we run this in?

Old School EssentialsCairnErrantTroikaIronsworn, the Whitehack, World of Dungeons and Worlds Without Number all come to mind as possibilities.

Might have to write up a follow-up blog post with a quick Into the Odd hack (as I’ve been doing lately). That said, if I wanted to get started right away, I think this could work with Into the Odd’s chargen right out of the book without too much trouble.

Might look back on the Republic founded on dead gods to get some setting inspiration.

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