Reddit GM Advice: Three 1d6 Tables, Please No Genocide & the Fantasy Table


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I made a list of 3 GM advice subreddits called RefAdvice.

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So, I’m currently running a campaign from a book – about half way through – and I was thinking I’d like to create my own one for the next game.
However, whenever I try to think of what should be the most basic question: what is the campaign about? – my mind just goes blank. I just can’t think of a single idea, not even a bad one. I’m not a creative person at all (which is an understatement) and I’m worried that if I can’t even come up with the main idea, how the hell am I going to build a whole campaign!
Am I going about this the wrong way? Or is this just a sign that I should stick to published campaigns?
Does anyone else get this? If so, what did you do to get past it? (If you did). And where do people get that ideas from? Is there something you do,bor do they just come to you?
Don’t try to think of a campaign. Try this:
Think of a fantasy realm. Picture it. Daydream about it for a while. How does the government work. What would it look like in a perfect world. Don’t worry about adventures yet. Just daydream about it. Jot down some notes. Maybe a holiday name or what the government looks like or what a city or castle looks like from a distance.
Now, you’ve got this fantastic table.
Kick out a leg. Break it. That perfect government has a problem, a huge problem that is causing more and more issues.
Ask the players to fix that problem.
Go from there.

As mentioned below, you do not have to create a huge sprawling campaign. You can also just run a few one-page dungeons and see what grows out of it.
One Page Dungeon Contest
Favorite One Page Dungeon Thread
And another fav 1 page dungeon thread
And one more…
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