Pirate D&D, roll 3d6 for an encounter

When in doubt, I come up with 3, d6 tables and if I don’t have an idea, I roll or pick or do a bit of both. Often, in the act of making up the tables, I get ideas. See also, How to make the forest interesting.

PICS: Nautical shit and some dice


Someone asked for D&Dish Pirate/Sea encounters.

Roll 3d6

The ship is dealing with:

1) plague
2) storm damage
3) mutinee
4) a difficult mission ahead
5) being hunted by a sea beast
6) being hunted by a rival ship

Ship type:

1) Merchant
2) Ship of War
3) Whaler/Beast Hunter
4) Refugee Ark
5) Cartographer
6) Storm Wizard's Sanctum/
Storm Deity's Temple

One more thing:

1) Ghost Ship
2) Treasure Map
3) Storm on the horizon
4) Pirates on the horizon
5) Land Ho!
6) Dragon

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