Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: Hawkguy Milestones


Bro, the above pic is by David Aja with words by Matt Fraction and bro, it was pasted with the utmost respect, bro.

1 XP when you take on the speech quirks of your enemies.

3 XP when you take stress from a conflict with a gang, crowd or horde of bros.

10 XP when you either trace the goons to their bro, er, I mean, boss or ignore them and go after bigger fish, bro.

1 XP when you refer to your partner as Hawkeye.

3 XP when you create an asset that allows your partner, Hawkeye, show off their mad skills.

10 XP when you either get into a romantic entanglement with your fellow Hawkeye or make a conscious decision to keep this Moonlighting-ish sexual tension thing going and never mess it up your chemistry like they messed up that show.

1 XP when you just do normal stuff like normal people do.

3 XP when you manage to add a mundane, down-to-earth comment amidst crazy Avengers crap.

10 XP when you either take a break from Avengers crap to concentrate on being the ‘guy or make peace with the crazy back and forth that is your life.

Digital Immigrant Old Guy
1 XP when you say or do something that shows that you were born in the 70’s and thus no longer young, hip or cool.

3 XP when you do something that is cool.

10 XP when you either learn something from a digital native that will change something on your character sheet or become even more of a hovering-around-40 curmudgeon.