Latest Bundle of Holding: Traveller PDF

My tablet is now filled with amazing gaming PDF’s thanks to the Bundle of Holding. Great stuff and the money goes to a good cause too.

This month they are rocking Traveller PDF’s and I’m picking them up, not only because the Little Black Box fascinate me but because they go well with a bundle I purchased earlier, Stars Without Number. I’d imagine these PDF’s will compliment each other quite well and the ship schematics will be handy if I ever get to run that campaign in my head where the players are a spaceship repo team, floating through space and reclaiming ships whose payments are overdue.

Speaking of space economics, an old post in which I interview Jason Morningstar has been seeing lots of hits and is well worth reading over if you want some insight into Traveler.

In the comments, please tell me about your favorite science fiction RPG moments, campaigns or characters.