Building a demon prince

Monster Burning Thread:

Pete took out a bunch of his old D&D books, here are some relevant quotes:


I’m paraphrasing, here, “He was winning the war in the Abyss against Orcus and Demogorgon when he was summoned by a mighty magic-user and pulled to the prime material plane. Cool. That fits right into the game we’re in.”

“Graz’zt is the handsomest of the demon rulers, at least by human standards. He appears as a huge, good-looking man, although his skin is shining black and his eyes are glowing green. Graz’zt is six fingered and six toed.”

The 3.0 Manual of the Planes is a nifty book. I especially like the 3-line descriptions of each plane:

“It is an infinity of clutching horror.
It is home to demons.
It is where morality crumbles and ethics perish.”

So far, in Waterdeep…

On an AP thread, Kublai said that it was difficult to follow along because the BW Forgotten Realms threads are not numbered.  So, here is a handy-dandy guide:

1) Taking the Burning Wheel to Waterdeep

In which characters are burned and the Forgotten Realms are perused.

1a) CaBu + Summoning = a hot mess?

In which the use of different Burning Wheel magic systems is discussed.

1b) Xanathar, Beholder Crime Lord

In which the beholder crime lord is burned up using the Monster Burner’s methods.

2) One night in the City of Splendors

In which the first game is played and one belief in particular is challenged.

3) “This is how we do things in Waterdeep.” – The Hanged Prince

In which an elven lady is sent to spy on the Zhentarim and the Deep 6 kick down some doors and kick some ass.

X) DIFFERENT CAMPAIGN! The Matron Mother’s Arachnid Empire Lays Seige to the Forgotten Realms

In which a totally separate game is played at a con, in an alternate Realms with different players.

4) The Fall of the Shadow Thieves

In which the assassins are captured and an Iron Rose is forged.

4a)  Gnolls, heyena men who worship a demon-god of murder and blood

In which gnolls are burned up using the Monster Burner’s methods.

5) “Khelben Blackstaff can kiss my hairy, dwarven ass.” – Prince Auric

In which the Mere of Dead Men is traversed and a burning artifact of great power is claimed by the Deep Six’s leader.

5a) Burning up – Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun

In which the Blackstaff is burned up using the Monster Burner’s methods.

6) Slaying Gnolls in the Mere of Dead Men

In which gnolls are slaughtered by the bushel, a Red Wizard is killed, a dwarf is choked and an elf is scarred.

General questions and discussions on the Realms or whatever are fine if folks feel like commenting.

One Burning D&Dism a week.

We already burned up the Beholder Crimelord

, the Gnolls

and this week is Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun (along with the rough idea for a trait called the Elminster Dick Move Contingency Evasion Spell).

I reckon I will, with the help of Aaron, Pete and the BW forum crew, burn up one Forgotten Realms toy a week.  Sometimes it will be something that will be in the mix of the very next adventure.  Sometimes it’ll just be something I want in my hip pocket for later.

I am scared to make Klauth aka Old Snarl aka the Great Wyrm of the North:

Realms Dragons are just too damned powerful.  They are the Dragon out of the Monster Burner only worse and having seen players fight that Dragon, that scares ten kindsa shit out of me.  Burning him up is going to be an interesting exercise.  Yeah, he’s on the list of things to burn up, along with Obould and Elminster.

At some point I will post up Mirt the Moneylender and Peirgeiron Paladinson, who I burned up easily thanks to the Online Character Burner.  If anyone is really geeked out to see stuff, drop me a line and I can share the Harper’s Tome with ya, which is the google doc where I keep my NPC’s and game notes.