Iron Gods: Starfaller slang

The BW games have been fun.

Swordlords is this weekend and we’ll play the first session of the orc attack. I’m re-reading my BW orc lifepaths and daydreaming.

Iron Gods is off to a nice start and we’ll play our third session not this weekend but the next.

I like how the games have this thin tether of connection through the True Swords but are very different. The techno-ruins in the Iron Gods setting (our own take on Paizo’s Numeria) give the game a very un-medieval modern edge. This allows me to use phrases that reek of modernity like fully boarded wizard. Renee started a Starfaller slang by naming the Technic League’s thugs apps, short for apprentices.

That little addition from Renee, who began the game as a Technic League wizard, really made the setting come alive for me. I started to fall in love with Numeria’s capital city, Starfall and its largest slum, Killbox.

I wrote a bit about it, hope you like it, here it goes!

Starfall’s slang is just another sign of how the technology scavenged out of the wreckage found all over Numeria and the Silvermount that casts a shadow over the city has effected the populace.

Starfallers like to shorten words sometimes stringing together words that have been shortened to create new words.

a-crim: Alpha criminal, a smart crimelord or up and coming thug.

app: Apprentice, what they call the Technic League’s guards and hired muscle.

b-star: Born Starfaller, someone born in the city.

crow: Crowbar, also the nickname of scavengers who use brawn over brains.

el-scav: Elite Scavengers, natural-born scavengers known for getting their crew’s into ruins and back in one piece and then some.

gapp: Gifted Apprentice, a proper wizard’s apprentice.

kill-crim: Killbox Criminal, also a petty criminal but sometimes the name of a hungry up and comer as Killbox is Starfall’s most infamous slum.

ref-star: Refugee Starfaller, someone who came to the city from somewhere else.

scav-del: Scavenging-Delve, a delve into Numerian techno-ruins.

un-con: Unity Convict, a criminal put into the Technic League’s Unity prison, usually a crime having to do with smuggling tech, stealing from a wizard or harboring an android.

one plus one.
Burning Saturday: Iron Gods and True Swords

Burning Saturday: Iron Gods and True Swords

Played 2 games of Burning Wheel this Saturday.

Welcome to Unity Prison was the second session of our Iron Gods-inspired science-fantasy campaign. The first game got the players in prison and so we started the second session in the mix.

Iron Gods Pinterest



Death and Taxes is the umpteenth game of the Traditions of the Swordlords campaign. The players just collected the first year of taxes and made their Ducal Lifestyle Resource roll. The sorcerer summoned the dead. Good times.

What? The game inspired ill-advised short-story writing? Yes, yes, it did.

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Drew asked if the games were taking place in the same world, which is an excellent question. The True Swords from the Swordlords campaign are right out of Numeria and are clearly inhabited by networked, AI haunted swords. I don’t want the campaigns to get so entangled that it becomes messy or gets in the way of gaming. For now, yes, they are happening in the same world, though perhaps not at the same time.

Above image of a spinning wheel (get it? huh, get it?!?) from the NYPL Images Collection