Daydreaming on Mars

Aunt Candi used to notice whenever my eyes got that faraway look and she’d say, “Come back to earth, Judd.” Years later, her grand-daughter used to get the same look and they’d say to the little girl, when she went wherever it is that we go, “Say hello to Uncle Judd.”

I have been thinking about Mars lately after recently looking over the Dictionary of Mu in hopes of running a Sorcerer game in the near future.

I found a few links about Mars after looking over the past few months of reblogs on my tumblr:


And then Rose posted something really cool on G+ and posted some links to her upcoming game:

A while ago, Rose asked if she could have some mention of the Damsel Messiah in CoM and as long as I’m credited and keep the Damsel as my creative property, I was totally cool with that. I’m happy to see her religion spread to a new and different Mars.

So, anyway, daydreaming about Mars.

Feel free to post what you are daydreaming about this weekend or geek out about anything linked above in the comments.