It is our FATE to put on the cape and cowl.

My first RPG was the Advanced Marvel Super-Hero FASERIP RPG but I don’t particularly look back on it with any nostalgia that would get me to play it again.  I later played a bunch of Champions, not sure which edition but the one with the George Perez cover.  I have fond memories of bouncing Grond off of buildings using that book’s rules but know that it isn’t what I want right now.

I’ve been thinking about super hero RPG’s, inspired by a talk I had with Michael Miller and Gerald at Dexcon (Michael had run some Marvel Super-Heroes in which he said he found evidence of proto-circles and proto-resources ala BW) along with some tweets Rob D. started this morning (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

And there is this tweet I posted yesterday:

Is convinced that the secrets to creating the FATE-based supers RPG of his dreams is hidden somewhere in the Dresden Files RPG.

And this e-mail I found from the ole Friday group about a possible super-hero game:

If we do play a super-hero game, I’d like to make a super-hero city together and then a group of some kind, in the vein of the Fantastic Four or the Batman family, a group that is linked through bonds of blood and theme.  In a perfect world, different people would GM different issues of a particular comic book.

So, Pete would GM Detective Stories, and each of his games would start with a super-hero crime for us to solve.

Storn would GM, Occult Stories, delving into the occult underbelly of a city.

I’d GM, Detective Clan, in which the city’s family of detective vigilantes deal with their foes and keep the city safe.

(I picked the 3 people as example GM’s because I have been GMed by them before).

If there was a night where it was just me and Christine, maybe she would GM and I would play my character in his own comic book.


The neat thing about comics and gaming, to me, is that the characters, world’s logic, etc. really need not be entirely level.  Different issues have different creative teams, so we can play it loose and have some fun with it.

There’s something there, about the wink & nod that we are “playing a comic book” along with the motifs, rhythms, literary laws and such of a comic book world.  I feel like the game to be made is in FATE, hacking at Spirit of the Century and the Dresden Files RPG until it takes the shape I want.  There’s something there.

I am going to look over Icons, DFRPG and re-read SotC and maybe even re-visit FASERIP and Champions.  Then we’ll take a running start until our molecules are vibrating at just the right frequency and see if we can’t hit this thing.

Greyhound, speedster with billy clubs by Storn A. Cook

The Globe City Ireggulars

Ordering Icons has me thinking about super-heroes and on the walk from the car to work, I thought of the Globe City Ireggulars:

  • Caliban: I’m thinking along the lines of The Thing + Spider-Man
  • Undead Ophelia: A brutal little girl with issues and grizzly powers over water but without any John Byrne women-can’t-handle-power bullshit.
  • The Fool: Which Fool from which play? No one knows for sure. He is kind of the Batman/Wolverine mystery man/woman of the group
  • Viola a.k.a. Cesario: Because every super-hero group needs a swashbuckling cross-dresser.
  • Puck: I can’t get the image of him from Gaiman’s Sandman issue illustrated by Charles Vess out of my head:

I am that merry wanderer of the night.’? I am that giggling – dangerous – totally – bloody – psychotic – menace – to – life-and-limb, more like it.

G.C.I. fight supervillains like:

  • Faust, the Devil’s Servant


  • Lady M and the Scottish Ghosts (saying her name is BAD LUCK!)

Other villains and guest stars?

What would the arcs (trade paperbacks) be called?

Or saying, “No, that wouldn’t be the group…THIS would be the group,”? is cool.

Notice, I tried to stick to characters who survived their plays and it was really hard not to break that rule for Mercutio by taking Jim’s suggestion that he faked his death (“Everyone was doing it!”).

EDIT: This post and the discussions below have inspired me to get in touch with a great college professor, Prof. Harris.  I wrote a paper for his Shakespeare and  Theory class called, “Its a bird! Its a plane! Its…Shakespeare-man!”  That class was amazing.