Owl Hoot Trail, making fantasy rail companies

You are playing a federal marshal who rides a dragon and you receive the following wire:

With haste, fly your steed to Perdition <stop>

Hire 3 deputies <stop>

Broker peace between warring rail companies <stop>

Arrest federal crimes, judge to arrive in 2 weeks <stop>

The Rail Companies

M.L.&R. Rail Co. – This is an elven company that has blended the elven idea of a western paradise with manifest destiny and the result is a hideous brand of immortal-run capitalism.

Names and inspiration: Lord of the Rings

Olde Valyrian Rail Co – Run by an olde world corporation with 7 CEO’s and a President. They are known for hiring inbred, white-haired, purple-eyed dragon-riding gunslingers as security and being cunning backstabbing bastards.

Names and inspiration: Song of Ice and Fire

Please feel free to post a rail company based on your favorite fantasy series in the comments.

NOTE: Jim posted a cool idea below, so feel free to make a fantasy version of a western trope. No need to stick to my narrow concept.

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