Into the Odd Quick Adventure Inspirational Tables

Into the Odd Quick Adventure Inspirational Tables

I’m running a twice a month game of Into the Odd with some friends. We’re about to have our second session and I’m fairly sure I know what the next few delves will be. After a while, once we have some context about our place in Bastion and our delves’ places in the Underground and the Deep Country’s orbit around all this mess, the players will likely start initiating ideas for delves.

But what if an adventure goes faster than I had anticipated or I want a fast idea?

If so, I’ve got the tables in the Oddpendium and I’ve got these.

Inspired by Into the Odd, Electric Bastionland and the playtest doc for Mythic Bastionland

Underground Faction
1 Rust Consortium
2 Star Cult
3 Ancient Council
4 Star Refugee
5 Lost Delvers
6 Mutant Beasts
Deep Country Faction
1 Secret Arcane Society
2 Rebellious Village Youth
3 Anti-Bastionists
4 Star Hunters
5 Irate Village Elders
6 Country Beast-God
Bastion Faction
1 Academics
2 Union Workers
3 The Young and the Hip
4 Revolutionaries
5 Urban Wildlife
6 Civic Officials

Daydreaming about Hex Flowers a bit too. Next time.

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All Shadows Lead to Gloomwrought: Encounters, Factions & a Map

All Shadows Lead to Gloomwrought: Encounters, Factions & a Map

Sigil 6ers! Spoilers be ahead!

Maybe don’t read this one for a couple of weeks.

If you do *shrug* not the end of all worlds..

All Shadows Lead to Gloomwrought
Encounters, Factions & a Map

As the Sigil Six ended the Curse of Strahd, they decided to take the long way home. Or as Trundle said, “We’ve done enough work for the Lady of Pain; let’s walk through the Planes a while and take our time getting back to Sigil.”

The city of Gloomwrought came up a few times when the players discussed and researched ways out of Ravenloft. Trundle, the party’s Dwarven Ranger, became a Mistwalker while in the Amber Tomb, so off they go into the Mists, hoping to navigate their way through them and through the Shadowfell, to the City of Midnight.

I purchased the old 4e Gloomwrought supplement, made up a 2d6 + d6 encounter table and even drew up a map of a valley where 3 human siblings settled into the Shadowfell, hoping to bring their light religion to these shadowed lands. SPOILER: It didn’t go well for them.

It is going to take them a little while to get to Gloomwrought, more fleshing out that city and making it our own in another blog post, very much inspired by Blades in the Dark. For now, I’m thinking about the trip through the Shadowfell. I’ve got an Inspirational Encounter Table, the Ygoni Valley Map, and my Shadowfell Factions d6 Table. More on all of those below.

Sigil 6 Subject Divider

Inspirational Encounter Table

Inspired by this blog post, I always put a Dragon at 12 and something cool at 2, usually a Wizard but in this case, thinking of a post-Ravenloft Shadowfell vibe, I made an exception. Yup, Lord Soth could show up, the Knight of the Black Rose himself. The encounter is inspired by my favorite pic of the legendary Death Knight, Lord Soth’s Charge by Keith Parkinson.

2d6 + d6 Shadowfell Encounters

Wrote this up while daydreaming, looking through monster manuals, the Gloomwrought supplement and the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. Sometimes I’ll roll and see what fate brings and other times I’ll pick, like from a menu. These aren’t necessarily fights. The players will decide how they deal with them and I’ve made it very clear that they are not balanced in any way, shape or form.

Sigil 6 Subject Divider

Ygoni Valley Map

Looking through some D&D books, I ran across the Skull Lord and so came up with an idea for 3 sibling knights trying to settle a valley in the Shadowfell but becoming such a creature. The ruins in the Barrow Hills could be anything but I’m thinking that they’ll be a Hobgoblin Warlord’s tomb, where they were ritually killed when their mission to establish a fortress/beach-head for the Hobgoblin Imperial Army failed.

Sigil 6 Subject Divider

Shadowfell Factions d6 Table

d6 Shadowfell Factions 1 Raven Queen / 2 Orcus / 3 Minor Death / 4 Ravenloft Trinity / 5 The Ghoul King / 6 Raven Queen Heretics

Maybe I just need to know something fast, like who made a magic item or who left an ancient road marker or who is behind some evil shenanigans. I’ve got a table for that now. Minor Death will just mean some minor aspect of death or an obscure death deity. Raven Queen Heretics are those who follow extreme readings on her edicts. The takeaway – everything in the Shadowfell breaks down and is twisted into an undead shape eventually – even the philosophy of its death queens.

Sigil 6 Subject Divider

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Blog of Judd Karlman from Daydreaming about Dragons

How to make the forest interesting…

From a thread on DM Academy asking about how to make a forest interesting, moving away from modules.

Wrote a blog post about it, like to read it? Here it goes…

I used to just jot down ideas, knowing that when I covered an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper with names and ideas I usually had a good amount of game time. I’m enjoying tables lately.

Daydream about some cool places, some cool factions, some cool tensions and you can always roll a few if you don’t know what to do. Here’s what I might have in front of me before DMing such a thing:


  1. Serene Glade
  2. Ancient Witch-Tree Coven
  3. Devil Gorge
  4. Ancient Standing Stones
  5. Elf Ruins
  6. Raging River

Factions (roll twice if you want factions fighting – same result might be in-fighting)

  1. Satyrs
  2. Queen’s Elves, returning to lands they left long ago
  3. Witch-Elves, sworn to fell trees, never left
  4. Tieflings (with a keep and small castle town in Devil Gorge)
  5. Gnomes, ply the river
  6. Scattered human nomads, hither and yon


  1. Something ancient has stirred
  2. One faction’s forces is stalking the other from stealth
  3. One faction’s forces is retreating desperately
  4. Diplomacy among two factions is occurring
  5. One faction is celebrating a holy day
  6. Two factions are trading goods

Encounters do not have to be fights.

And here they are in layout. Sometimes things change from notebook to google doc to layout, which is neat.

Maybe I roll a few times to see what is going on before the game.

The Ancient Witch-Trees, Tieflings twice and a Holy Day.

Maybe a Tiefling assassin squad is waiting to ambush some Witch-elves but some of the Tieflings don’t want to attack them on their holy day, not wanting to upset the Witch-trees.

What are Witch-trees? No idea. I have an idea that their bark looks like bone… Creepy sentient trees…

I rolled the Witch-trees again but got the Satyrs and Gnomes and Factions Trading. Nah, just Satyrs and Gnomes trading on the river – pretty normal. Maybe they are gossiping about seeing some shady looking Tieflings moving toward the Witch-trees.

I’d grab some names for each faction type, maybe daydream about some NPC’s. Name the river. Daydream a bit about the Queen’s Elves and the Witch-Elves and the Tiefling Knight who runs the castle in Devil Gorge.

What do the humans who follow a nomadic path around the forest’s edge think of all this drama?

That is it. That is enough to start. If I need more I can roll and we haven’t even discussed linking the players to this mess.

That is a post for another day.

Make your own! Let me know how it goes at the table.

I’ve got pdf’s with inspirational tables like this over at the DM’s Guild.

The Lich Wars

The Liches

Why are they fighting? What are their goals? Can their goals be understood by our soft living brains?

Vecna: traditional lich, concentrating on undeath and secrets known for having an artifact hand and eye

  1. Wizard Cultists missing an eye and/or hand
  2. Floating undead eyes
  3. Swarm of crawling undead hands
  4. Corrupt priests who know your secrets
  5. The Hand and/or The Eye, adorned like reliquaries watched over by the lich-spawn apprentices
  6. Death Knight Praetorian Guard

Acerak: demilich turned stranger and stranger through traversing the far realms while his bejeweled skull mouldered in a horrific tomb

  1. Traps
  2. Illusions within illusions
  3. False treasures behind a secret door hiding the True secret door
  4. Alien tentacle beasts from the Far Realms
  5. Undead beasts with magical gems embedded in flesh and bone
  6. Castle-sized floating gem-fortress shaped like a skull (subtle!)

The Lich Queen: immortal leader of the Githyanki state, sending armies bolstered by red dragon winged cavalry into all the worlds from her capital city built on the body of a dead god in the Astral Plane

  1. Warriors with Silver Swords
  2. Warlock Courtiers with Silver and Obsidian Teeth
  3. Red Dragon Air Cavalry
  4. Gate-Fort under construction
  5. Crystal Psionic Battery in a recently requisitioned mule drawn cart
  6. Githyanki Rangers hunting Illithid

Minor Players

  1. All undead adventuring party (Vampire fighter, ghoul thief, revenant wizard, Spawn of Kyuss Priest) led by Kaz
  2. Local Vampire Lord(s) here to treat with Kaz
  3. Local monks enthralled by Githzarai unorthodox ideas on chaos and free will
  4. Githzarai fighting tournament
  5. Black winged angels watching from a distance
  6. Paladins in black armor helping refugees, offering prayers over the dead

Kaz: vampire rival of Vecna’s, leading a small platoon of ghouls, revenants and vampires

Githzerai Monks: ancient rivals of the Githyanki, monks who find solace in the chaos of their monasteries floating in the chaos of Limbo

Raven Queen: goddess of death and winter, often sends her black winged paladins to planes where these forces are warring to make sure the state of death isn’t damaged too terribly

Roll 6d6 (choose which 6 or go for it and roll all 8)

Arcane forces, unleashed in a battle have damaged:

  1. Time
  2. Weather Patterns
  3. Death
  4. Gravity
  5. Memory
  6. Dreams

For now, the upper hand is held by:

  1. Vecna
  2. Acerak
  3. The Lich Queen
  4. A ducal army
  5. Ragtag adventurers
  6. Stalemate

The last battle was a:

  1. Bloody slaughter
  2. Long brutal siege
  3. Feint within a feint
  4. Series of otherworldly storms
  5. Landing action as one of the armies made its way through a gate
  6. Vicious attack in order to gain control of a vital piece of geography

The Ghoul’s Hungry Throne  is:

  1. Pledging their teeth and axes to Vecna
  2. Rallying to Acerak
  3. Treating with the Lich Queen
  4. Entertaining offers from all armies
  5. Using the chaos to grab more territory
  6. Fortifying its position and declaring neutrality

The three armies are sending scouts and preparing to attack in order gain control of a:

  1. Castle
  2. Bridge
  3. Gate
  4. City
  5. Dungeon
  6. Unknown, what the fuck are these undead wizards trying to gain here?

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Random Table Rolls in Stars Without Number

Last night I knew the players were going to arrive at the Archive Planet. Once it was the home of the Preceptor Archive, the data sent from Olde Earth to this system to support humanity. Recently, this planet fell to Tech Level 2. It was a steam age level of tech. This was all made from rolling up the system years ago. I wrote up what those system tags meant in a google doc.

I went to page 246 in Stars Without Number Revised and rolled a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 as the players were getting online and I was chatting with my friend.

What is the conflict About? | Money, extortion, payment due, debts

General Venue of the Event | Next to or in a public park

Why are the PC’s involved? | Participant offers reward for help

What’s the Nature of the Event? | Fires or building collapses are happening

What Antagonists are involved? | A local bully and their thugs

Relevant Urban Features | Unrelated activists are protesting here

I had no idea what all of this meant. I had words written in my notebook:


They landed on this moon, knowing what was written in the Sector Hades Zeta Guide:

The Archive City, The Hades Zeta Library, H.Z.L.

Atmo: Breathable

Temp: Warm

Biosphere: Miscible

Population: 10K

TL:  2

About: Eriphyle is a moon circling a gas giant named Polyxena, from which the system takes its name. Eriphyle shows clear signs of having been terra-formed and is covered in cryptic ruins, showing strong evidence that an alien species was in the sector before human settlement. The outpost is governed by an administration that proudly traces its lineage back to the Preceptor Archive created to track data and offer information access since the first days of human space exploration.

Eriphyle’s knockdown from TL3 to TL2 is a source of fierce shame, as data has become corrupted and lost as information infrastructure broke down and computer networks collapsed. Some archivists still hold out hope that when the archive regains its technological glory, coordinates of Olde Earth will be among the pieces of data uncovered.

Everyone knows that the Guevaran Hegemony is out there and that they have a Preceptor Archive that claims a more pure line to Olde Earth.

The players saw a fire in the distance and when the two soldiers arrived on the scene they saw protestors organizing a protest in a park against the latest Archivist Congress budget cuts. Hegemony loyalists want the rival archive to come and lift the planet out of the steam age. The Samihayan Orthodoxy Loyalists were gunning the protestors down.

The players took action. Witt’s Gudradim Cannibal Hunter killed the shooters, noting that they were being led by Hegemonic Intelligence Agents. They got the wounded to a nearby hospital, which was literally a building plugged into a free merchant ship that belonged to some retired military personnel from a tech level 4 world.

I’m fascinated with the way the tables generate something, that something collides headlong into the system generation and all of that collides with the players (GM included) and their characters and all of their motivations. Somewhere in there an adventure happens.

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6 types of vampires

Roll 6d6…


“I hope we get a Video Store Clerk. I love Lost Boys.”

Has the mouth of a…

  1. Lamprey Circle
  2. Mosquito Proboscis (throat sheath)
  3. Endless rows of needle teeth
  4. Bat Fangs
  5. Leech Sucker
  6. Tube with syringe at the end, attached to a scuba helmet

Can turn into a…

  1. Tiger
  2. Black Rhino
  3. Possum (carries young on its back!)
  4. Night Monkey
  5. Tasmanian Devil
  6. Hyena


Commands a horde of…

  1. Opossums
  2. Fireflies
  3. Tarantulas
  4. Cockroaches
  5. Badgers
  6. Monkeys

Need more nocturnal animals?


Walks around looking like a…

  1. Crusader turned Victorian fearful idea of a foreign predator
  2. Sewer Hermit
  3. Rock Star
  4. Scared Teen
  5. Video Store Owner
  6. Gang Leader


Feeds on…

  1. Fluids
  2. Dreams
  3. Emotions
  4. Tears
  5. Money
  6. Magic


Believes someone in your party is…

  1. Their reincarnated dead spouse
  2. A fine choice to be mother-figure to their spawn
  3. A narcissistic asshole
  4. A good person worth trusting
  5. Tastier than anyone else
  6. Infected with vampirism that hasn’t blossomed fully yet (true!)



Which myths are true?

Add up the result of your 6d6. All myths below the result are true.

6-11. – None are true, all bullshit. Make some up based on results.

12-17 – or more – Sun hurts them.

18-23 – or more – Holy symbols vex them.

24 -29 – or more – Holy water burns like alien blood.

30 -35 – or more – Can’t cross running water.

36 – All true and then some. Make a few more up based on results.


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Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. “Indented Javelin Bat ; Vampire & Javelin Bat ; Trefoil Leaf Bat ; Three-Toothed Horseshoe Bat ; The Rear-Mouse Bat.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections


Roll a d6 and a d4 for war-torn fantasy strangeness


  1. Lizard-folk atop dinosaurs worshiping dragons.
  2. Ghouls led by the White Handed Ghoul King  and his Ravenous Knights.
  3. Slave-owning Melnibonean-inspired elves, sick of human filth.
  4. Beholders leading humanoid eye-cultists, covered in eye-tumors.
  5. Skeletons who put bones together into frightening sentient war engines seeming to have no leader, operating more like a fungal growth made of bones.
  6. Quaggoth hordes, having awoken their slumbering Cave-Bear Pantheon, with all they have taken from the recently razed Drow civilization at their disposal.


  1. That attack is happening right now. War is upon us!
  2. We are securing the final victory after several decisive battles but tattered remnants of that invasion are still around.
  3. That war is ten years done but they were hear for decades, so scars and monuments still stand.
  4. They are occupying our lands and gathering the final surrendering governments.

Random Encounter Tables: Big Shire

Big Shire is made up of 11 farthings, spread out along the pleasant, fertile, rolling grasslands next to the Govus River. Each Farthing has its own Shirriff and Mayor, both are elected for life or until public outcry demands that they step down.

The only element of Big Shire that is jarring against its pastoral, quaint beauty are the crow’s cages that are outside of every shirriff’s cottage and at incoming roads, major crossroads and town squares. Usually a deputy will be nearby, smoking a pipe and hucking rocks with a sling at bottles set up on a nearby fence-post. Their riding mastiffs will be watching from nearby, perhaps sipping water from a nearby pond or stream. They will both be watching newcomers carefully, friendly but cautious.

Visiting adventurers cannot walk about armed. In order to apply for a Mayoral Writ necessary for permission to carry a weapon larger than a dagger, one has to have lived in Big Shire for ten years or more. However, you can hire a local to walk with you and they might, if given proper incentive, say that your weapons are in fact their weapons and you are doing a public service by carrying the heavy things around for them.

Those caught with weapons without a writ or friendly local will be charged with inciting a riot (1d4 weeks in a crow’s cage, reserved for folks looking for trouble, or anyone who gives excessive resistance or lip to the arresting shirriff and deputies) or inciting adventure (1d6 days in a crow’s cage, can be suspended with a year’s exile or a 50GP fine if the visitor just didn’t know better).


Fighting the law in this town is a brutal proposition. Once the hue and cry goes out, the shirriffs will begin closing in with their deputies. Big Shire is spread out over a great distance but once word goes the local law comes hard.

First 1d10 rounds = Local Fathing’s Law Patrol (Farthing’s Law Patrol = Shirriff and 3d4 deputies on riding mastiffs with slings and short swords).

Second 3d6 rounds = 1d4 Farthing’s Law Patrol.

If the fight continues or if a local is killed the stakes go up. The neighboring Shirriffs begin deputizing folks. All remaining Farthings bring a Riot Squad. 1 Shirriff + 3d4 deputies + 5d8 auxiliary deputies.

If things look really bad or someone casts a spell they will Call in the Wizard (said with the same gravity as, “Release the Kraken.”). 1 Wizard of 1d20 levels.

But that won’t happen, right?

Enjoy some pipe weed. Relax. Welome to Big Shire.

Crow Cage’s Inhabitants

1-6: Halfling thief
7: Wizard troublemaker (1-3 human, 4 elf, 5 dwarf, 6 halfling)
8: Ranger (1-3 elf, 4-5 human, 6 half-elf)
9: Dwarven adventurer
10: Tiefling Warlock/Dragonborn Fighter
11: Kobold/Goblin


1: Lycanthrope
2: Angel
3: Devil
4: Githyanki
5: Quaggoth
6: Orc
7: Drow
8: Gome
9: Elven Marine
10: Cultist
11: Kenku Assassin
12: Hobgoblin Soldier

As you enter Big Shire there signs along the road that read, “You must register your weapons and any suspected arcane relics with the law. No instigating adventure nor any trouble-making will be tolerated in Gourd Farthing. – Shirriff Cordelia Timmins”

Around the Big Shire Encounter Table

1 – Halfling Sheriff on patrol with 1d3 deputies and 1d6 watchdogs.
2 – Halfling burglars coming back from a job.
1d6 halflings, 1d4-1 dwarves
3 – Mercenaries heading to 3 Giants Dam
4 – 1d4 Wizards on sabbatical, high on weed (rolll 1d20)
1-10, lvl 1d4, 11-15, lvl 1-8, 16-19 lvl 1d12, 20 lvl 1d20
5 – 1d8 Human Bandits (on the run from a sheriff’s posse)
6 – 1d8 Orc Raiders
7 – Ululan Messenger
8 – Vault Caravan – 2d6 wagons, 1d4 guards for every wagon
9 – Roll on the the High Fell table
10 – Roll on the Corvuston table

The Raven Queen vs. Vecna

This is a world where two ideas of death are at war. The Raven Queen is a young, ambitious goddess who has recently taken up winter and fate into her portfolio, to compliment death. Her black winged angels take souls to their final rest without mercy but are known for allowing a ghost one more soft breeze through the hair of a loved one or a final look back at the mortal world before venturing to Her Winter Kingdom.

Vecna sees death as his personal vault of secrets and lore. He plunders the dead for arcane knowledge and perverts cycles of life and death to make his undead minions and hordes of lifeless bodies to march for his army’s glory. His cult is made up of one-eyed mages who thirst for secrets and power.

Their war would do terrible harm to a world.


Unnatural Events Table

  1. An unnaturally long or cold winter takes hold of the world.
  2. Corpses whisper secrets when you whisper secrets to them.
  3. Anyone near-death can see the paths of fate that their life might take should they survive.
  4. Wizards who take out their own eye gain a level and powerful Necromantic spells in their spellbooks.
  5. Statues of angels’ wings turn to onyx and gain strange powers.
  6. Cemeteries become cold and covered in ice and snow.
  7. Fortune telling becomes painfully accurate and fortune tellers are Raven-bound to be truthful.
  8. Flocks of ravens announce there whereabouts of undead beasts.


Raven Queen’s Forces

  1. Holy Knight(s) of the Order of the Raven Queen’s Consorts (1d4)
  2. Undead hunting team (Van Helsing style)
  3. Pilgrims, visiting the great necropoli of the world
  4. Murder of Ravens doing something ravens don’t normally do
  5. Holy winter nuns of the Raven Queen, taking a body to its final rest miles away
  6. Raven Queen’s faithful peasant spear-folk



Vecna’s Forces

  1. Death Knight and entourage
  2. Zombies (2d10)
  3. One-eyed wizard cultists (1d6)
  4. One-handed Ghouls
  5. Demi-Lich general and entourage being brought to Vecna (roll 2 more times on table for entourage)
  6. Ogre Zombie Lord and peasant levies


Wild Cards

  1. Kaz, here to mess with his ancient rival
  2. Githyanki ambassadors, here to treat with Vecna and arrange a marriage between the Lich Queen and the Lich-god
  3. Orcus cultists, here to sew discord and weaken both sides
  4. Gnolls eating the dead of a recent battle
  5. Orc mercenary company that eats their own dead.
  6. Priests of a dead god, hoping to get their deity brought back.


They are looking for:

  1. A local necropolis
  2. A battlefield with many dead bodies
  3. A gate to the Quietlands
  4. A recently dead dragon
  5. A key fortress/bridge/crossroads/mountain pass
  6. You



General Research Division, The New York Public Library. “Corvus carnivorus, Northern Raven.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1860.

These ideas developed, mutated and became Raven Queen vs. the Ghoul King

July RPG Blog Carnival: Githyanki Invasion 6d6

The Lich-Queen’s forces are coming to your world. Roll 6d6 and get the session started.

Inspired by the July RPG Blog Carnival

Why are they invading?

  1. Illithid Infestation
  2. Githzerai Haven
  3. Red Dragon Cabal
  4. Key crossroads World in greater planar campaign
  5. The Lich-Queen has taken offense to one of your deities
  6. Someone stole a Silver Sword and won’t return it

Githyanki Random Encounters

  1. Red Dragon Air Cav Wing
  2. Warlock Summoning Platoon
  3. Warlock Skirmish Squad
  4. Silver Sword Battalion
  5. Illithid Hunting Posse
  6. Psionic Urban Unit

 The above Githyanki are looking for a:

  1. Gate to their home
  2. Illithid or Githzarai
  3. You
  4. A place to allow red dragon steeds to graze
  5. An escaped prisoner
  6. Stolen red dragon eggs

Something from Githyanki culture that is catching on

  1. Psionics
  2. Board game (like chess but with no kings, only a single Lich-Queen who eats pieces from both sides if they travel too far)
  3. Disdain for religion
  4. Hatred of Illithid
  5. Bigotry against Githzarai
  6. Gith poetry

Something from your world that is catching on with the Githyanki

  1. A goddess
  2. A type of music
  3. A drink
  4. A drug
  5. Food
  6. A battle tactic

They’ve brought some kind of fungal infestation with them from another world that causes:

  1. Trees to spread their roots through the lower planes and become a gate to hell.
  2. Vines to choke animals to death, gain the hit points of the beasts it kills, becoming stronger and stronger until burned to the root.
  3. Vegetables glow different color based on the alignment of those nearby.
  4. Ponds to become scrying pools that show the nearest Illithid or Githyanki
  5. A usually edible vegetable to cause a character to make a save or else hallucinate for 1d6 hours, also causing you to re-roll your hit points or one stat (GM’s’ choice) depending on how you reacted to the hallucination.
  6. Causing all trees to become Treants.


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