A cold, crisp, sun-on-the-snow kind of Friday

Reading: I am plowing through Cowboy Angels and really digging it.  I’m a sucker for liberal special ops soldiers who are war-weary, deadly and in over their heads.  This novel is tapping into that Richard K. Morgan-like vein and into some alternate history veins to boot.  Fun.

Planning: Getting school stuff together for my last push and UFC 126.

Writing/Creating:  I am getting my fitness stuff together, then I am going to get writing.

How about you?

Just about Friday already

Reading: I finished up In the Stacks by Scott Lynch, a short story in the swords & sorcery short story collection that was loaned to me by Jim, a fellow librarian (though Jim is fully blooded by the books, having earned his librarian’s gladius in the Salt City). I really liked it, turning a magical library into a proper dungeon-crawl.

Planning: Getting through the rest of this year is about it for now.

Writing: Tinkering with a sci-fi AW hack over yonder. I love the term, Archivist-Errant.

And you?

Last Sane Friday

Reading: I put down Who Fears Death for a bit but will pick it back up to finish the last few dozen pages. I am digging it.

I picked up Vance’s Dying Earth novels, all 4 in one book, with the Demon Princes on deck. I love how Vance’s fantastic shit doesn’t seem to be based on any recognizable myth or legend. There’s a hint of it here and there, a pixie here, a demon there but they are fairly alien and I dig that.

Tonight’s a game of AW, with the players holding hardholds on the north and south of the Hudson. Should be fun.

Planning: My praciticum starts in earnest next week. My weekday gaming has been entirely scrapped. I will be looking at double-shifts most days until December or so. A few of my games will either have to be moved to the weekend or abandoned for a few months.

Writing: Upon reading Vance, I naturally started writing about a library under a bruised sun but my young ladies who kill monsters while worshipping an owl totem-goddess is still in motion.

And you?

Friday brought autumn’s first winds.

Reading: My post-apoc tour continues with Who Fears Death, which is really interesting.  It is a brutal coming-of-age story with rape and female circumcision dealt with in the first hundred pages.  The latter topic made me queasy, causing me to put the book down for a while and just walk away.

Some Jack Vance is en route to me.  After this, I’ll tackle some Tales of the Dying Earth and the first two books of the Demon Princes.  I read Dragon Masters a year ago and enjoyed it, looking forward to catching up on more of his stuff.

Planning: Off to help the lady-friend move.  Very exciting.

Writing: I have been on and off with the 750 words a day but what I’m writing is taking shape, which is nice.

And you?

Fridy started early.

Reading: I can’t bring myself to finish the last few dozen pages of The Shadow Prowler.  It has gone from its so bad its good to just plain bad and I am not sure what turned the switch for me.

Just finished reading Apocalypse World and I think Vincent has raised the bar from where he left it with Dogs in the Vineyard in terms of RPG text writing.  The as-matter-of-fact way he communicates procedures, techniques and setting is stunning.

Planning: Off to Vermont to see my beautiful cousin Dara marry her dashing gentleman, Steve.  It’ll be nice to get gussied up with Janaki two weekends in a row.

Writing/Creating: Hit 750words.com with discipline and it feels pretty damned good.  I am writing something about a religion that worships an owl god-totem and the girls who kill monsters in its name.  Good times.

And you?

Not at Gen Con Friday

Like so many, I am suffering from Gen Con envy.  But on the bright side, I get to celebrate with friends at two weddings in the next two days.

Reading: I am on the last hundred pages or so of the Shadow Prowler, which is, like so many books I have read this summer, so bad that its almost good.  We’ll see.  I’ll definitely write up a review and post it here.

Planning: Lots of little things to get done before Saturday morning.  I’m kicking the weekend off with some GF waffles at Waffle Frolic with Christine.  That’ll be nice.

Writing: Man, nothin’ at all.  Pathetic lately.

And you?

One House Friday

Finally, I am moved out of my old joint and in the new place.  It is a huge relief, not having to get to the old place before work and after work to clean up and pack.

Reading: I am still picking at the first Felix and Gotrek Omnibus.  The format is really fun, with each chapter almost like a complete short story/adventure.  I am also getting through the latest Invincible hardcover.  My roommate has them all.  I am really digging that comic; it has legs for a long run.  That said, I’m not sure I will buy comics anymore.  I missed a few months and I don’t miss it all that much.

Planning: A weekend on the beach with Janaki this weekend.

Writing/Creating: With the move this week, I wrote nothing at all.

And you?

A Friday in two houses…

Reading: I put down The Walrus and the Warwolf and picked up The 3 Musketeers.  I’m enjoying it.

Planning: This weekend is all about packing and getting my old apartment squared away so that I don’t have to live out of both for too much longer.  My goal is to have everything cleaned out so that everything in the old place is stuff I want to give away.

Wearing: Long sleeved shirt that makes me feel muscly and some greenish jeans.

Writing/Creating: This week was a total bust on this front.

And you?

Remember Fridays?

It is a beautiful day out there.

Reading: I am currently reading Hugh Cook’s The Walrus & the Warwolf with an introduction by China Mieville.  It is incredibly fun.  After watching the 3 Musketeers with Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain and Michael York last night, I am definitely going to go back and finish that up after this.

Planning: A nice weekend with my ladyfriend, possibly with my first boxes being moved to my new joint.

Wearing: Green Dickies and a button-down.  Under the button-down, a faded batman t-shirt.  Shhhhh.

Writing/Making: I need to get back on the 750 words a day.  I was on the development team for the Adventure Burner and that was eating some time, but still, I should be writing every day, dammit.

And you?

Almost my birthday, Friday

Reading: I picked up The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and it has grabbed me.  I didn’t read as much as I had hoped this week because of administravia and responsibilities that needed doing but this coming week should have more time before bed to do some pre-sleep reading.

Planning: A b-day weekend with my ladyfriend.

Wearing: Jeans and a long-sleeved gray shirt.  Converse has this clothing line and I’m really digging it, which is odd because I rarely notice brand names but the shirts all fit me as if they were tailor-made.

Writing: Unfortunately, other than AP threads, nothing I can talk about just yet.

And you?