Reading, Planning, Writing: Our first snowy Friday

Reading: After a long dry-spell, I finally finished Railsea. It was charming with fun world-building and fine characters, though the ending was a touch preachy. Now I am reading Low Town, a fantasy noir about a street kid turned soldier turned fantasy city homocide police turned drug dealer. He’s part McNulty, part Prop Joe for those Wire fans out there.

Planning: Preening my flying monkeys this weekend and a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night. Might find time to catch the new Bond at some point.

Writing: Milestones for  Marvel Heroic, resumes and cover letters. Same old story.

And you?

Fantastic Friday

Autumn is upon us and I have had my most productive week in getting out flying monkeys yet. If I have a decent weekend, it will be a fantastic week.

Reading: I’m just finishing The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp. I’m liking it, though not loving it and I see where the end is leading us, the pieces are all in motion. That said, a fun summer read. I’ll post more of a review once it is done.

Planning: One flying monkey needs to be prepped for flight but other than that, no plans this weekend.

Writing: Still tinkering with a back and forth thing with Drew that is too much fun but other than that, it is just cover letters.

And you?

We need more rain on Friday

Reading: I am reading Monsterhearts and loving it. Also, I’m reading The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp, which reads very much like a Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser by a writer who knows the gaming influences are at hand. Dungeon crawling, treasure hauling, witty banter, obscure deities and desperate sorcerers. I’m hooked.

Planning: Going to see family this weekend.

Writing: As usual lately, it is all cover letters and milestones for Marvel Heroic.

And you?

Reading, Planning, Writing: A lovely Friday

Got to wake up with my lady-friend. That was nice.

Reading: Finishing up The Risen Empire as I pick up Moby Dick to finish the 100 pages for our online reading group.

Planning: There are some promising jobs to apply for this weekend. I’m going to get to it.

Writing: A bit of Houses of the Blooded fanfic bubbled up and now it is looking like a thing that will have to be finished and posted. I reckon I will eventually write one for each of the counties I wrote up a while back. There are a few unfinished blog posts that are unfinished, my favorite is a Marvel Heroic Role Playing version of Batman, Wonder Woman and Batman, as if they had been lost to the Marvel universe during WWII during a Crisis of 52 Worlds. Here are the Trinity’s Distinctions over on my Tumblr. I like the idea of playing these characters through the decades.

Other than that, it is all cover letters.

And you?

Reading, Planning, Writing: Sudden Summer Friday

Reading: After the longest reading dry spell in my adult life, I have picked up The Risen Empire by Scott Westerfeld. It is scratching all of my science fiction itches, with fun characters, science-religions and cool sci-fi geegaws. I’m hooked.

I’m also reading through Monsterhearts but it is slow going because every few pages makes me want to game, so I have to put the book down until the sobbing subsides.

Planning: After a few weeks away from home, my domestic life is a mess. I need to clean up a bit this weekend and once that is done, I’ll head over to a friend’s house to get caught up on Game of Thrones as my reward for Getting Shit Done.

Writing: Resumes, cover letters and milestones.

And you?

Dragon Day Friday

What is Dragon Day,” you ask?

Oh, you want my answer?  In an ancient ritual, the university architects and engineers burn a representation of a dragon and raise up a phoenix out of the dragon’s flames in order to appease the voracious Gorge Dragon that slumbers in the depths of the gorges that criss-cross Ithaca’s borders.

Reading: Still reading Honeybee Democracy and picked up Finch by Jeff Van DerMeer.  I am enjoying both quite a bit.

Planning: A nice weekend with the lady-friend.

Writing: Still just cover letters but it was a good week for my little Flying Monkeys.

And you?

Another sunny winter day Friday

Reading: Honeybee Democracy is still in my bag but I haven’t been reading it.  By the time I get home from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, eat dinner, work on cover letters, I tend to collapse.  Most nights I’ve been falling asleep on the couch with a job description on my lap and a kitten on my shoulder.

Picked up Batwoman #6, Brian Wood’s Conan #1 and the new Powers.  Good stuff.

Planning:  Off to NYC to see the lady-friend.  We’re going to an archery range!  Very cool.

Going to take a phone call or e-mail for a job interview…now…maybe now.  Now?  Waiting.

I haven’t been gaming lately, so the blog is rather dormant but I have a few undeveloped posts in the queue, so I’ll get those out in the coming gaming-dry weeks.

Writing: Got a proposal thing to a friend but don’t want to talk about it yet.  Have to work on a thing for another friend but its a long, slow burn as we are both busy.  Sorry to be vague.  I’m putting the wizard novel down until I get situated in NYC.

Hi, mom.

And how are you all doing?

Super Bowl Friday

Hi mom (my mom reads this every week).

Had a good week.  I didn’t make it to the gym as often as I would have liked but work beckoned and I had to answer.  That is okay, unlike punk outs when I go home and nap or some bullshit.

Reading: Just finished Never Knew Another and loved it.  I’m eager to pick up the second novel.  I’ll dig deeper into Honeybee Democracy this weekend.

Planning:  Lady-friend is visiting, so that will be nice.  Anthony’s 40th birthday, might put off the UFC event this weekend until Sunday and watch that instead of or before the Super Bowl.  I’m not sure.

Writing: I’ve been hammering on this one cover letter all week.

Reading, Writing, Planning: Winter’s Mud Friday

Reading: I’m reading Never Knew Another by J.M. McDermott and Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley.  They’re both great reads.  Never Knew Another really has me in its grasp right now, should be finished after the weekend is over.

Planning: Going to figure out a place to watch the UFC fights this weekend on Fox and send out some resumes.

Writing: Working on a few things with a couple of friends but nothing I can talk about just yet.  Other than that, just cover letters and a blog post about ven holidays that I might get up later today.

And you?

Reading, Planning, Writing: I’m dreaming of a white Friday.

Reading: Still poking at Anathem, like broccoli on my plate and reading Packing for Mars.  Just ordered Honeybee Democracy and Never Knew Another from the friendly neighborhood book store.

Planning:  Weekend with the lady-friend.

Writing: Brainstorming a gonzo sci-fi idea with an artist friend, talking with another about a comics pitch and trying to find my re-entry point on my wizard novel.

And you?