Reading, Planning and Writing: Gray, Wet Friday

Reading: I’m reading Fool’s Errand on the train and still keeping Dying Earth next to the bed, though might start with The Hobbit soon. Clearly I’m on a Vance-ish kick.

Planning: Watching Invicta this weekend and then doing an open house shindig for work.

Writing: Gathering together my notes on my summoning rules for Whitehack and I’m glad I let them simmer for an extra week rather than force something for this week as it has made my examples much, much odder. Less Hell and Land of Faery and more Unblemished Atlantis, the Gaollands and the Astral Wastes. I’ve begun getting a story from my travel notebook to

And you?




Reading, Planning & Writing: Bah-Humbug Friday

Reading: I’ve picked up Black God’s Kiss as the paper book I’m reading at the moment and Songs of the Dying Earth is what is on my phone.

Planning: Some gaming tonight and then a chill weekend. I did my laundry yesterday…so it’ll be straightening up around the apartment and getting to the gym once or twice.

Writing: I’m writing up thoughts on how to set up a Penal Dungeoneering game to Whitehack, a short story that has been bouncing around my head for ages and somethin’ else.

And you?

Reading, Planning, Writing: Hectic Friday

Had a bit of a work emergency this morning but it all worked out.

Reading: Still making my way through Ash: The Secret History. I’m definitely thinking of  It is suffering because it is a big tome and not ergonomic for subway reading. I’m reading Rhialto the Marvelous out loud to Janaki and it really brings out the sense of humor and surreal quality in those stories.

I was late to the party on seeing Man of Steel and was kind of shocked at how much I liked it.

Planning: Going to a show tonight and perhaps meeting up with some out-of-town friends. Trying to get the games for next week lined up. This past week was a series of cancelations.

Writing: I’m writing up a three part blog post on a magic system for Whitehack tentatively titled the Ivory Grimoire. Usually when I say I’m going to do something in three parts, I start writing and just vomit it all up in one part.

And you?

Reading, Planning, Writing: Cold Autumnal Friday

Reading: I’m still finishing up Lamentation by Ken Scholes and it remains entertaining. On my phone I’ve got Return of a King by William Dalrymple and the iPad has the Battle of the Atom X-Men cross-over that has been coming out all autumn, Rat Queens #1 and 2 and the latest Hawkeye, Saga and Miles Morales.

Planning: Seeing my mom this weekend, seeing a cool show tonight with the lady-friend.

Writing: Jotting down lots of notes and tables about Marsui and weird fantasy takes on D&D monsters.

And you?

Reading, Planning, Writing: My 2301st blog post

Reading: I’m re-reading Houses of the Blooded and Coronets but never crowns. This week Rat Queens, Saga and Ultimate Spider-man were solid. I’m not sure why they gave away the final pages of the first issue in their previews but I have high hopes for future issues.

I got Avengers: The Last White Event and Young Avengers: Style > Substance from the library and enjoyed them quite a bit.

Planning: This weekend might actually be a little be relaxing. That is nice.

Writing: Play-by-post stuff for the HotB game with Rich. That has been fun.

And you?

A Friday for day-dreaming about rocket-ships, dragons and demons.

I’m not sure how that differentiates this Friday from any other day in my life, really but I like the title.

Reading: I am reading Leviathan Wakes by James A. Corey. I am chewing through it, reading it entirely on the kindle app on my phone during the commute. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. It kind of bums me out that in the space opera future of a colonized Solar System gender roles haven’t changed a bit.

I’m also reading the shiny new Sorcerer Annotated, which is making me hungry to run that game again.

Planning: Gaming with my dad and taking him and his buddy around NYC to do touristy things.

They both dig Game of Thrones TV show, so I’m considering burning up some northern lords and tossing them in the middle of a Targaryen civil war.

Writing: Moves for an AW hack. It is slow going.

And you?

Reading, Planning, and Writing: Beautiful Spring Friday with Aggressive Pollen

Reading: I just finished Red Country and enjoyed the hell out of it. Now I’m reading Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World and it is making long subway rides fly on be.

Planning: Gaming tonight, training tomorrow in the early afternoon and then meeting my mom for a meal and enjoying a beautiful day in NYC. Sunday we will get our Sagas of the Icelanders on at last.

Writing: I’m writing up our Dungeon World game as a short story, a process that makes me feel like an even bigger dork than usual but it is good fun.

And you?

The First Friday of the Rest of My Life

Reading: I am a hundred pages from finishing A Betrayal in Winter. I’ll likely plow on through and finish the next two books in the series.

Planning: Compiling my notes from the first week of work into something useful. Grabbing things I left at my mom’s place (kettlebells, Dictionary of Mu’s and such) and bringing them home. Putting our home together. Figuring out where gaming and working out fit into this life of libraries and long train rides.

Writing: This first week of work was a total wash. My brain was over-stimulated. But the good news is that the train ride will be a nice place to do some writing.

And you?