Daydreaming about the Mandalorian

What can we learn about The Mandalorian that we can bring to our gaming tables?

I’ve got a few ideas…

Daydreaming about Dragons, Episode 41

Mando material starts at around 4:18.

tl;dr Mando failed. He failed hard and failed often. He got his ass kicked by Jawas and yet he’s the best bounty hunter in the sector. No one threw that failure in his face. Think about how you can frame failures in your game so that it doesn’t belittle your friends awesome characters.

Daydreaming about Dragons, Episode 44

Mando material starts at around 7:43.

tl;dr The Mandalorian wasn’t trying to create a myth cycle for a new generation. It was trying to be a fun space western. The show wasn’t swinging for the fences.

Star Wars, Aftermath by Chuck Wendig @ChuckWendig – a review


I have vivd childhood memories of always traveling with my Star Wars figures, always being eager to get on the floor and start playing pretend with them. I can still close my eyes and smell what the plastic smelled like when the figures were brand new. I’d tell my parents over dinner what stories I’d created while we all ate dinner.

Star Wars AFtermath

Chuck Wendig’s book evokes that for me. I don’t mean that in a condescending way. Writing books set in established intellectual properties, especially one as vivid and important to my generation as Star Wars will always be playing with toys to some degree or another.

The author pours some toys onto the floor: a bounty hunter on the job, a crackerjack pilot recovering from the battle over Endor, a rebel soldier caught behind enemy lines, an admiral of the Imperial Navy desperate to put the pieces of the Empire back together, a desperate Grand Moff, a kid with a protective, violent droid and gangsters, lots of space gangsters. He stirs them in a pot and pours it all out into a story that takes place in the months after Return of the Jedi. For those who want Timothy Zhan’s books to be what you remember from that period, I don’t think this book will over-write that. If anything, they compliment each other and if my hunch is right, there’s a big easter-egg in there for you Zhan-novel fans.

He does it all without any Jedi, which might be my only criticism of the book and it isn’t much of one. Luke is a mythical figure mentioned by characters throughout the book in awed tones and he lets the Force be something mysterious. I can’t fault him for not playing with the prettiest toy in the Star Wars set for the sake of continuity.

The interludes are where Wendig shines. We see Han and Chewie setting a course for Kashyyyk and we hear about the criminal underworld of Cloud City. Sith cultists are paying any price to recover Vader’s lightsaber (or was it?). But we see things more important than that. We see people recovering from war. There are plenty of blasters, bounty hunters, gangsters and a truly bad-ass sheriff on Tattooine deserving of his own book. Wendig invokes westerns, Grosse Point Blank and of course, lots of Star Wars. He puts the Wars in Star Wars. We see Wookie slaves set free from the Empire’s shackles by the New Republic’s soldiers but not given anywhere to go. Kids on their way to become Stormtroopers right as the rebels destroy the training center are given a new path.

He puts a very human face (even when the face isn’t human but you get the idea) on the Fall of the Empire and makes it feel more substantial without sacrificing an ounce of fun. He makes war something worth hating but lets us still love space opera without any reservations. Wendig picks the plastic action figures up off of the floor where the 8 year old left them when the battles were over and he wonders what became of them. We wonder with him.

I’ve heard that there was some kind of kerfluffle about his inclusion of gay characters. There are in fact three gay characters – one main character and two minor characters who only spoke in one chapter. If this bothers you, if you think the little gay kids playing with their Star Wars figures shouldn’t see themselves represented when the toys are poured out onto the floor – I only hope that your fear doesn’t become anger and your anger doesn’t lead to anything that might dominate your destiny.

May the Force be with you.

Happy Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you.

I can kvetch about the prequels or Jar-Jar Binks but the fact is when I hear a lightsaber noise I drool like any good fanboy.

Here are a few old Star Wars RPG ideas that have been rattling around in my head for ages:

Resevoir Rebels

That Hutt scored the holo-plans to the Imperial Galactic Bank and now you know when the next shipment is coming in. The risk is high but the pay-off is juicy, real juicy, junior.

Now the Hutt is getting a posse together, a bunch of galactic dogs from far, far away who can handle themselves if things get nasty. Sure there’ll be alot of people there during the day but you’ll have the manpower to handle it.

An A.W.O.L. Emperor’s Guard, a Wookie fresh from the slave-ships with a chip on his shoulder, a shell-shocked Rebel soldier who is still still hasn’t made his way to Rendez-vous Point after the whole Hoth fiasco and an old man with a lightsaber against the most fortified piece of real estate on Coruscant.

If there is a bright center to the universe, let’s shoot it with heavy blasters and be away on speeder-bikes before they know what hit ’em. 

and of course…

Star Wars – Revenge of the Jedi
Episode LV

The SKYWALKER DYNASTY, whose dark will is enforced by the brutal nobles of the SITH COURT, has ruled the Galaxy for a Thousand Years of Tyranny.

The Sith Courtiers have grown CORUSCANT like a cyclopean technological flower, with five DEATH STAR satellites guarding the Dyson Fortress.

Even now the Clans CALRISSIAN and FETT have put aside their differences in order to put together two ancient DROIDS, who contain plans that could destroy Coruscant forever….

Here’s the link to our Gen Con PTA game set in the above galaxy – far, far away.

Some day I’d like to think that I’ll get to find out what happened to the Wookie Messiah and his friends.