Batman Begins, Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, a trilogy review

Yes, spoilers.


I watched the trilogy, all in one sitting and watched this third installment right at midnight.

For comic book geeks, it was a hectic mix of Knightfall, No Man’s Land with pinches of Dark Knight Returns here and there (specifically the one scene with the older cop and the younger cop, “You’ve never seen Batman? Slow down, kid, yer in for a show.”).

Watching the trilogy left me wondering a few things:

Gotham City

Gotham is a character in any Batman fiction and in the first of the trilogy we see the rail system, built by the Waynes and the Narrows, a rough part of town where Arkham Asylum is located. The rails are never seen again in the trilogy and the Narrows are never mentioned again. I would have liked a throwaway line about the rails having to be scrapped after the League of Shadows shenanigans of the first movie if the city suddenly does not have trains.

In Rises Catwoman could have been from the Narrows…something, some kind of a sense of continuity of Gotham as a consistent character, the city worth saving no matter what league of ninja, clown-faced psychopath or masked terrorist might attack it.

NOTE: A G+ buddy said that he could see the 3-tiered rail system in Rises, particularly in the IMAX version of the film. Nice!


Bruce Wayne/Batman does not have an original thought in his head. Almost all of his lines are quotes from other people, taken out of context and run through his cowled head so that it has to do with his quest for justice. Watch them again, when he does something inspired by someone else, he almost always quotes that person verbatim so the audience will remember where he got his idea.


All in all, where the first movie was saying, “Gotham is worth fighting for,” and the second movie said, “People will still do good even in the worst of situations,” the third seemed to say, “Poor people will rise up, bath in rich people’s blood and steal their shit if there are no police there to stop their psychopathic tendencies.”

Maybe it was just that Rises didn’t have a Ledger-caliber performance to off-set its philosophy 101 questions.

The WTF’s

Why do they bother with a fake Asian Ra’s al Ghul? Why does Dark Knight stop in its tracks so that Batman can grab a money launderer in China? Rises has too many WTF’s to narrow down to just one sentence.


The only fights I really liked in the whole trilogy was when Liam Neeson’s character picked young Wayne’s fighting style apart and the Joker went bat-shit crazy on Batman at the end of Dark Knight. The rest of the fights felt unnecessarily frenetic. There was good stuff going on but I was missing it in the shaky-cam.

I wanted to see an older, wiser Batman pick Bane apart as Bats did the Mutant leader in Dark Knight Returns but I didn’t get a sense of why Batman won the fight at the end of Rises. He was hitting Bane’s mask but he was hauling off on Bane’s mask in the first fight too. I want fight scenes that are cool and say something about the characters fighting. And when Bane laid hands on a mofo, I wanted to feel it the way I did when Joker did the pencil trick. It wasn’t Hardy’s fault, I thought his physical presence was solid. It was the way Bane’s violence was shot.

The Ladies

Man, I don’t like the Rachel Dawes character. The ladies who played her were fine and I respect her decision to love Dent over Wayne but when she told Bruce that she liked Batman but didn’t like Bruce…man, that felt just mean. I’m glad that Selina Kyle could come along and let Bruce know that his brand of crazy was okay (even if it really isn’t).

What is good in Rises?

Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt do great work as the Catwoman and a young Gotham cop.

Does it Rise?

No, sometimes, Bruce, when we fall down, it is because we made poor creative choices and did not have the editing skills to get back up again.

I thought all of the Nolan’s Batman movies were a big, glorious mess and didn’t expect anything different from this one. This one felt like a bigger mess than usual and that could’ve been okay but it didn’t quite hold together.

I liked this take on Bane and liked his link to the al Ghul family. I saw it coming but I enjoyed it all the same. This Bane had an intimidating physical presence and was a good choice after Ledger’s amazing Joker.

All in all, we’re left with what all three of these Batman movies leave us with, some fun action scenes and some half-assed thought on heroism. The action scenes were alright and the thoughts on heroism were just plain repugnant.

The Trilogy

We have a huge, sprawling mess that folks are going to insist is going to be impossible to top. The origin movie was a fun primer. The second film was a great Harvey Dent/Joker film and a mediocre at best Batman film. I’m a sucker for the first ten minutes that felt like something inspired by Heat.

And Rises takes the mess of the first two films and makes an even bigger mess.

It is not going to be long before someone launches another Batman franchise. Nolan did a better job than Burton and Schumaker but I think a better Batman series of movies can be made.

P.S. I’ll post re-boot thoughts in a future blog post but I think it would be cool to base the first movie on the first Detective Comics with Batman, even set it during the 40’s and tell the origin during the opening credits.

Superman: The Movie, review

Re-watched the 1978 Superman film for the first time in years. A few things occurred to me.

The first ten minutes on Krypton are even better than I remembered. Brando earned his truckload of cash, really setting up the whole film. The music is as good as I remember too.

Superman Returns (a whole other can of worms) was a sequel to Superman I and II way more than I realized. After seeing super-capable Lex Luthor on the Justice League cartoons it was jarring to watch Kevin Spacey’s Luthor use Krypton technology for a real estate scheme but Gene Hackman’s goofy Luthor set that all up with his speech about real estate and his nuclear missile/San Andreas Fault real estate scheme in in this first movie.

Christopher Reeve is supernaturally good looking and he’s the only real looker in the movie. It really makes it seem like Superman is from another planet because he’s just so handsome.

The big conflict of the movie is the only thing Jor El tells his son not to do. “Do not meddle in human history.” Naturally, Lois Lane dies and Superman freaks out and disobeys his father but there aren’t really any consequences. I would have wanted General Zod and his posse to get free of the Phantom Zone directly because of Superman disobeying his father but that wasn’t how it shook out.

His father told him not to do one thing, Superman broke his father’s only rule and nothing at all happened. Other than Lex Luthor’s kryptonite necklace, the movie is without any real threat and his father’s warning turned out to be meaningless.

The score and the first ten minutes are solid super heroic movie-making and the rest was weak.

Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: The Trinity from another world’s Golden Age

In the midst of WWII, a Crisis on 52 Worlds. Now they are stranded here on 616, an alternate reality embroiled in its own eerily similar second World War.

Batman a.k.a. Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne


Solo 1d6
Buddy 1d10
Team 1d8



Inspires Fear

Playboy Facade

Power Sets

Peak Human Conditioning and Training: REFLEXES D8, STAMINA D8, PERCEPTION D6, SENSES D8

SFX: Skills, Means and Method. Use any Peak Human Conditioning and Training Power Trait with any Utility Belt Power Trait in a single dice pool at -1 step for each additional power.

SFX: League of Assassins trained. Step up one Power Trait from Peak Human Conditioning and Training when you trying to stalk or kill your enemies.

SFX: Sherlock’s Student. Add a D6 and step up the effect die by +1 when you are creating an Asset that utilizes your Crime Master or Psychology Mastery.

SFX: Cowardly and Superstitious Lot. Step up the effect die by +1 when you are using Menace Master to cause Emotional Stress to your enemies.

SFX: To the Batcave. You can step up any Specialty to D12 for an entire Chapter if you spend a Transition Scene in a conflict with the next scene’s upcoming Doom Pool.

SFX: Lucky Amateur/Lucky Old Man. Spend 1PP to reroll when using any Peak Human Conditioning and Training power.

Limit. Flesh and Blood. If the opponent has DURABILITY at Superman D10 or higher, this Power Set can only be used to create assets to be used against the opponent or complications against the opponent unless you beat the Doom Pool in a conflict, showing how you prepared.


SFX: Pistol. Step up or double any Weapons die for one action. If the action fails, add a die to the Doom Pool equal to the normal rating of your power die.

SFX: Gas Grenades. Step up the effect die when creating an asset or complication.

SFX: Prepared.

LIMIT: Gear. Shutdown Utility Belt and gain 1PP. Take an action vs. Doom Pool to recover.


  • Combat Master D10
  • Covert Master D10
  • Menace Master D10
  • Psych Master D10
  • Acrobatics Master D10
  • Vehicle Master D10


 Crime Alley’s Shadow
1XP When you talk about justice.
3XP When you inflict Mental or Physical stress on someone breaking the law.
10XP When you either take justice into your own hands and execute a villain or decide that killing is a line you will never cross, no matter the cost.

Batman Family
1XP When you talk to a bystander or ally about an injustice they have suffered.
3XP When you recruit an ally or bystander as a soldier in your war on crime..
10XP When you either adopt and train a new member of your family or use your resources to make sure that they can lead a happy life apart from your war.

No Powers
1XP When you talk about how one might bring down a super hero or villain.
3XP When you spend a transition scene studying a super hero or villain’s powers, habits and methods.
10XP When you either bring down a hero or villain with one D12 in their Power Sets or give a file you have compiled to someone else so they can bring the threat down.

Superman a.k.a Clark Kent a.k.a. Kal-El


Solo 1d10
Buddy 1d8
Team 1d6


Last Child of Krypton

Farm Boy from Kansas

Truth, Justice and the American Way

Power Sets

Kryptonian under a Yellow Sun: DURABILITY D10, LEAP D10, REFLEXES D10, SENSES D10, STAMINA D10, STRENGTH D10, EYEBEAMS D8 

SFX: Speeding Locomotive, Tall Buildings… Use two or more Kryptonian under a Yellow Sun powers in a single dice pool at -1 step for each additional power.

SFX: “Great Krypton!” Combine 2 D10’s from the Kryptonian under a Yellow Sun power set to get a D12.

SFX: Invulnerable. Spend 1PP to ignore stress, trauma or complications from mundane physical attacks.

Limit: Sorcerous Weakness: Complications created by Sorcery take +1 to their effect die.

Limit: Kryptonite: Stress from attacks using Kryptonite take +1 to their effect die and Kryptonian under a Yellow Sun cannot be used until an action is taken against the Doom Pool to recover.


  • Combat Master 1d10
  • Vehicle Expert 1d10
  • Cosmic Expert 1d10


Lessons of Ma and Pa Kent
1XP When you simplify a morally complicated situation into right and wrong.
3XP When you
10XP When you either

1XP When you talk about alienation, loneliness or Kryptonian super-science.
3XP When you use Cosmic Expert to create an asset.
10XP When you either disconnect from your earthly origins and take up your Kryptonian name or make peace with your heritage and dedicate your Fortress of Solitude to remembering your birth parents’ home.

Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana, ambassador of Themyscria



Solo 1d10
Buddy 1d6
Team 1d8


Themiscyran Diplomat

Amazon Warrior

Feminist Icon

Power Sets

Hephaestus-forged Arsenal: WEAPONS D12, DURABILITY D10

SFX: Bracelets. Spend 1PP to ignore stress or trauma from any bullets, melee weapons or missile weapons.

SFX: Golden Lasso. Step up the effect die by +1 when inflicting mental stress after already inflicting the D8 or higher Complication, Tangled in the golden lasso.

SFX: Sword of Ares. Add a d6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back highest die in pool by -1. Step up Physical Stress inflicted by +1.

LIMITGear. Shutdown Hephaestus-forged Arsenal and gain 1PP. Take an action vs. Doom Pool to recover.


SFX: Sentient Plane. If Wonder Woman is stressed out, spend 1 PP and the Invisible Jet can enter into a conflict with the Doom Pool in order to remove her from the scene.

Limit: Off to Hephaestus for repairs. Gain 1 PP when the Invisible Jet is out of a scene.

Amazonian Warrior Princess: DURABILITY D10,  REFLEXES D10, STAMINA D10, STRENGTH D10, SPEED D8

SFX: Counterattack. On a reaction against physical combat, inflict physical stress with your effect die at no PP cost or spend a PP to step it up by +1.

SFX: Second Wind. Before you make an action including Amazonian Warrior Princess power, you may move your Physical Stress die to the doom pool and step up the Amazonian Warrior Princess power by +1 for this action.

Limit: Conscious Activation. If stressed out, or unconscious, shut down Amazonian Warrior Princess. Recover Amazonian Warrior Princess when stress is recovered or you awake. If Physical trauma is taken, shut down Amazonian Warrior Princess until trauma is recovered.


  • Combat Master D10
  • Acrobatics Expert D8
  • Psych Expert D8
  • Vehicle Master D10
  • Mystic Expert D8


1XP When you discuss peace with warring parties.
3XP When you inflict Physical stress on an enemy in an attempt to force a cessation of the conflict.
10XP When you either broker peace between two warring nations or choose a side and arm yourself for war.

Gather the Furies…
1XP When you talk to a woman about her power.
3XP When you inflict stress on someone who is oppressing another based on their gender, race, class or religion.
10XP When you either gather an army of super heroic women with you as their general or train super heroic women so they can be their lead their own armies.

I’m blending inspirations from a bunch of different eras and comics for the Trinity.

If I was going to play this, I’d start in WWII and let the group age through the Silver Age, having adventures in the founding moments of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains into the Modern Era of the Marvel Universe where I’d probably rock out with an event.

Fun What If? Things to Think About:

  • Are there Amazons in the Marvel Universe and if so, how do they react to Diana?
  • Are Bruce’s parents alive here?
  • Does Arkham Asylum exist here?
  • Does Krypton exist and was it saved from destruction from the Nova Corps?
I’d want familiar details, Lex Luthor as a struggling executive at Roxxon Oil, a struggling comic hired to poison a water treatment facility outside of New York City, Harvey Dent running for D.A.,  a WWII fighter ace named Steve Trevor.
Other blog posts to consider:

Places to Brawl in the Golden Age (WWII – Fantastic Four’s Voyage)

  • Pick a WWII battle
  • Red Skull’s fortress in Norway alongside Captain America and Bucky. [Rocket Ship, HYDRA goons]
  • The Nazi Submarine Siege of Atlantis [Nazi Underwater Robots, Undersea monsters]
  • The Nazi Siege of Wakanda [Unstable Vibranium, Wakandan Freedom Fighters]
  • The Nazi Occupation of Latveria [Fleeing Refugees]
  • Isolationist Inhumans’ City [apathetic mutants, decadent mutants]

Places to Brawl in the Silver Age (Fantastic Four vs. Mole Man – X-Men vs. Krakoa)

  • The under-construction Baxter Building [Iron Beams, Super Science Widgets]
  • The Gamma Radiation Testing Site in Arizona [Radiation, Green Rage Monster?]
  • The Brooklyn Bridge when Spider-man and Green Goblin were battling over the falling Gwen Stacy [kid in a mask, crazy guy on a rocket sled, bystanders]

Places to Brawl in the Modern Age (X-Men vs. Krakoa – Break-Out)

  • Inhumans City [Mutagenic Gas Chamber, Super Powered Bystanders]
  • Savage Land [Dinosaurs, Abandoned SHIELD Installations]
  • New York City (particularly near the Flatiron Building where we always see Spider-man swinging around)[Beautiful Bystanders,]
  • Genosha [Busted Sentinels]
  • Xavier School for Gifted Children or Jean Grey School for Gifted Children [Mutant Bystanders, Danger Room]
  • The Baxter Building [Unfinished Experiment, ]
  • Right in front of the Watcher on the dark side of the Moon [Craters, ]
  • Morlock Tunnels [Unstable Tunnels, Reeks of Death]
  • Roxxon Oil Platform [Secret Super Villain, Pipes that Explode]
  • Atlantis [Under Water, Thermal Vents]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier [Top Security, Villain Transfer]
  • Wakanda [Unstable Vibranium, Panther Guard]
  • Latverian Tech-Castle of Doom [Oppressed Bystanders, Latverian Artifacts]
  • Asgard (especially the Rainbow Bridge) [Mythological Bystanders, Monsters, Epic Architecture]
  • On an Avenger’s Quinjet [Inevitable Crash, Stark Tech]
  • Negative Zone [Bug Monsters, Reed’s Gate]

If you have any critique or questions, please let me know in the comments and if you play using these folks and/or situation, please let me know.

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Marvel Team-up Draft: Namor the Sub-Mariner

Please click on this link to vote (for me!) in the first heat.

Michael Miller rocked out with another draft over on G+, this one with some funky rules and a fun concept. We each pitched a team-up book, drafting our main character, each team-up character and the villains.

Here’s mine:

Namor the Sub-Mariner and Medusa of the Inhumans versus the Sentinels
Namor announces a withdrawal from the surface world so that he can concentrate on his undersea kingdom. Some subjects think this is the beginning of a golden age for the seven seas, others believe he is only hoping to distance himself from Sue Richards.

Queen Medusa visits, setting up an embassy of water-breathing Inhumans who can withstand the great pressures of the undersea kingdom while strengthening the bonds between Atlantis and Attilan.

Meanwhile, an orbital platform of Sentinels mysteriously activates itself and taking in geo-political data, launches into the ocean, having decided that Namor is in fact the most powerful mutant threat on earth. The bulk of the sentinels attack Atlantis during a feast welcoming the Inhumans’ delegation while the others venture into the depths of the ocean for a more mysterious goal.

In a vicious battle, Medusa and Namor destroy the giant robots. The King of Atlantis scoffs when the Queen of the Inhumans suggests that the sentinel attack might be the start of more subtle troubles to come. The issue ends with the Sentinels making contact with a shadowy cabal of undersea rulers, tired of being ruled by a mutant half-breed.

Namor the Sub-Mariner and Black Panther versus Attuma
A Wakandan satellite’s orbit fails and falls into the ocean, causing tension between Wakanda and Atlantis concerning the recovery of the vibranium within. T’Challa and Namor meet at the site and have a good ole fashioned team-up brawl before Attuma shows up with his nomads, claiming the satellite. The Kings put their differences aside in order to stop Attuma.

The nomads are stopped by the Sub-Mariner and the Black Panther, all of the vibranium is recovered. The issue ends with Attuma handing over the satellite’s advanced Wakandan circuitry to the shadowy cabal from the first issue and then is torn apart by sentinels’ energy blasts, as he is a mutant.

Namor the Sub-Mariner and Dr. Doom versus Nimrod
The Latverian Embassy visits Atlantis to pay its respects and honor the undersea kingdoms. Namor holds council with the Inhuman embassy and his closest council, one of whom is a member of the shadowy cabal currently working with Sentinels to bring about Namor’s downfall.

Doom and Namor share a private meal, in which the arch-villain suggests the recent events are part of a larger conspiracy. When Doom suggests that Namor turns to his surface world allies for much needed help, Namor grows irate and leaves.

Meanwhile, a device made of pillaged parts of the Wakandan satellites is created by Sentinels, powered by a thermal vent, they download Nimrod from the future to lead their armies against Namor.

Namor the Sub-Mariner Team-up Annual
Hearing that Namor’s kingdoms are being ravaged by war, the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four approach Namor, who sends them all away. “Leave the seven seas to us. See to your own surface world wars.”

Led by Nimrod, a sentinel from the future, undersea revolutionaries attack Namor’s military strongholds with Sentinel technology aiding them. Namor leads a valiant effort, aided by the many undersea mutants and Namor loyalists, including the Inhuman ambassadors.
In the final battle, Namor’s forces are fighting a losing effort and Namor finds himself locked in single combat with Nimrod. He is beating the robot from the future with his hands and just as he screams his battlecry,”Imperious Rex!” Nimrod fires a weapon, knocking Namor unconscious.

When he comes to, Namor find himself in a polluted sea. When he comes to the surface in Manhattan Bay, the Statue of Liberty has a Sentinel’s face and the horrible truth of Nimrod’s weapon is made clear. Namor has been teleported through time to a dark days of future past timeline.

Namor comes to the surface and is greeted by the Sue Richards of this timeline, a grizzled leader of what is left of the super hero world. “My daughter had calculated that you would arrive. Welcome, King of Atlantis.”

The last panel is Namor looking at this alternate timeline’s Sue, obviously still in love, if not even more in love with what this apocalyptic future has made her become.

Comics Pitch: Batwoman and the Outsiders

Michael Miller started a DC Heroes draft, where we took turns picking DC heroes and villains and pitched a comic book series based on what we got in the draft. I tied with Alex for the win. It was good fun. Check it out.

Here’s my pitch:

Team Name: Batwoman and the Outsiders

Elevator Pitch: Two very different former Batgirls, Cassie Cain and Stephanie Brown, resign from Batman Incorporated in order to put together a team that can really go out into the world, kick down villain’s doors and get proactive about justice, led by the Bat they most look up to.

Plot Synopsis: The Outsiders are characters on the periphery of the DCU, without a firm place in any team or family. Cassie and Stephanie find a link between Intergang and Talia al Ghul’s sect of the League of Assassins and prod Batwoman into leading them, forming the Outsiders in order to take the fight to the villains. The Justice League defeated Darksied months ago, fending off a full on Apokolips invasion but Apokolips tech is all over the black market.

Together, this team of super heroes on the outskirts of the families that make up the DCU put their differences aside and make a family of their own, while punching villains in the face.

Character Issues:

Batwoman, Kane was kicked out of the army for being gay. In her own comic, she continues to be a soldier but in Batwoman and the Outsiders, she becomes a general.

Cassie Cain has spent her life being brainwashed and mind controlled by the League of Assassins. In this book, she is dealing with having full control of her actions and taking responsiblity for them, dealing with being a grown-up. She is a trained assassin in a cape and refuses to wear masks or cowls anymore.

Stephanie Brown is taking a year off from college in order to work for Batman Incorporated but when that wasn’t what she wanted, she partnered up with Cassie and sought out a team of super heroes who could do the job the way these young ladies thought it needed to be done. She is a naive sophomore with big ideas, hopes and dreams. This book will see the real world smash into them and how far she is willing to go to see those dreams become reality.

Big Barda is separated from Scot Free, leaving him when he admitted that he was feeling trapped in their relationship. She is a tough, older woman of the group who has been through the wringer and has hard won wisdom and the ability to punch through walls. Barda is a Granny Goodness trained super-soldier thug, trying to figure out what it means to be a good person on her own for the first time in her life.

Renee Montoya is a woman who get’s answers. Her issues will be the ones where she gathers information for the rest of the Outsiders to act on; they will be black and white with rare splashes of color to show the information she is gathering and the violence she does to get it.

In the New 52, Steel isn’t the former Justice Leaguer I wanted for the group but that is still fine. In this world he is a former government weapons expert who left a top secret government program. Now he is an AWOL secret agent with technological know-how, about to reinvent himself and become the American Dream, a captain of industry and a super hero. We will get to see him become the Steel who is inspired by Superman to put on a cape and wear the “S” but in he beginning of the series, he’s part walking tank, part Q.

One Cool Moment: The final pages of the first arc, After the Apokolips, has the Outsiders surrounding Talia al Ghul, where we find that she has been leading them to their targets, taking stock of them so that she can offer her own leadership, so they can be led by her against the League of Assassins and a growing threat, her own recently resurrected father.

Next issue, Talia al Ghul and the Outsiders, as Batwoman takes her leave and the real gist of the book becomes clear, the team seeking its own goals by choosing its leaders carefully.

DC, Bob Harras, call me.

Marvel Heroic Role Playing: The Authority, from across the bleed, here to kick 616 in the nethers

“Talk to me, Angie.”

“No one’s chasing us. We’re out of the Bleed and near an alternate reality earth. The Carrier is in a comfortable orbit but we’re right out in the open. Navigation and Weapons systems are down and link to the reality anchor back home as been cut.”

“Angie, Apollo, take a look around, figure out who to contact before someone get’s neighborly and knocks on our door.”

What happens when the Authority parks its shiftship in orbit above Marvel’s 616?


“Daemonites? Any of that kind of alien interference?”

“Lots of off-world tinkering from an array of powerful beings. Shit, they even have some kind of alien watching the world from the dark side of the moon. It ignored Apollo and Engineer when they tried to engage it. Engineer has a hologram of the thing for you, Jenny, thought you’d get a kick out of it.”

“A giant bald man in a toga watches this world from the moon? That is bloody creepy. Does it touch itself, wank off into a moon crater?”

“Don’t make jokes; I had to stop the Doctor from trying to tag the thing’s bald head with graffiti of a penis.”

Jenny Sparks


Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10


Spirit of the 20th Century, Been There and Done That, “Bugger this, I want a better world.”

Power Sets


SFX: Back Atcha. On a successful reaction against a lightning energy attack, convert your opponent’s effect die into an Age of Electricity stunt or step up an Age of Electricity  power by +1 for your next action. Spend 1 PP to use this stunt if your opponent’s action succeeds.

SFX: Electrocute the Lot.  Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

SFXVersatile.  Split Electrical Supremacy into 2D at -1 step or 3D at -2 steps.

SFXJolt.  If a pool includes an Age of Electricity power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger.

LIMITPass Out, Lights Out. If stressed out, passed out, asleep or unconscious shut down Power of the Century. If  Physical Trauma is taken shut down Power of the Century until trauma is recovered.

LIMITScary. Both 1 and 2 on your dice count as opportunities when using an Age of Electricity power.


Combat Expert, Cosmic Master, Covert Expert, Menace Master, Psych Master



1 XP when you bark an order at a member of the team.

3 XP when you send different members of the team to different parts of the world on missions.

10 XP when your team changes the world through super heroics and violence or when you step down and ask someone else to be leader.

A Better World

1 XP when you discuss some aspect of the world that is a total mess.

3 XP when you inflict stress on some bastard because you are seeking social justice

10 XP when you either make the world a better place or fail to do so and seek to disband the Authority so that you can find another way .

“This Logan fellow is by all accounts  a bad-ass.”

“I could kill him.”

“I know, dear.”



Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6


Night’s Bringer of War, Sardonic, Loves Apollo

Power Sets


SFXDeadly.  Add a d6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back highest die in pool by –1. Step up Physical Stress inflicted by +1.

SFX: Fought this battle a million times. On a reaction against a Physical Stress attack action, inflict Physical Stress with your  effect die at no PP cost or spend a PP to step it up by +1.

SFX: Sees Your Enhancements. Split either Superhuman Senses or Superhuman Reflexes into 2D at -1 step or 3D at -2 steps.

LIMITWar is Hell. Both 1 and 2 on your dice count as opportunities when using a Bendix Bio-Engineered Super Soldier power.


Acrobatic Master, Combat Master, Covert Master, Crime Master, Menace Master, Psych Expert, Vehicle Expert


Cowled Avenger

1 XP when you threaten an enemy with violence.

3 XP when you when you inflict Physical Stress on an enemy.

10 XP when you either inflict Trauma on an enemy, ending their threat or by sowing chaos and destruction create an asset so that one of your allies can win the day.

Hit the Soft Parts with your Hands and the Hard Parts with a Utensil

1 XP when you discuss how you would destroy someone or something.

3 XP when you destroy a building of some kind.

10 XP when you either destroy a building or kill everyone inside the building with your hands.

“Adorable that their World’s Finest Couple are called Iron Man and Captain America.”



Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6


The Sun King, So Powerful it’s Scary, Loves Midnighter

Power Sets


SFX: Majestic Class Superhuman. Spend 1 PP to ignore Physical Stress or Physical Trauma unless caused out of direct sunlight.

SFX: Solar Flare. Step up or double any Bendix Bio-Engineered Solar-Powered Super Man Power Set for one action. If the action fails, add a die to doom pool equal to the normal rating of your power die.

SFXHand-to-Bastard Ratio. Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

SFXFlying Juggernaut. Split Flight D12  into 2D at -1 step or 3D at -2 steps.

LIMITDevastating.  Both 1 and 2 on your dice count as opportunities when using a Bendix Bio-Engineered Solar-Powered Super Man Power Set.

LIMITSolar Powered.  Once per Action Scene, the Watcher can demand a conflict against the Doom Pool, if you lose, you gain a complication against any use of your Bendix Bio-Engineered Solar-Powered Super Man Power Set.


Combat Master, Covert Master, Crime Expert, Menace Expert,


Center of the Solar System

1 XP when you talk to a member of the media about your exploits.

3 XP when you cause emotional stress during an interview.

10 XP when you when you either allow an embedded reporter to travel with the team or begin a media black-out, taking yourself out of the spotlight whenever possible.

One Man Army

1 XP when you engage an enemy with at least one D12 power among their power sets.

3 XP when you deal stress to an enemy with at least one D12 power among their power sets.

10 XP when you either acknowledge that you are the most powerful member of the team, the vanguard of all offensives or admit that you need back-up when you attack.

“Where’s the Engineer with the damned tech threat reports I asked for? I want to know where the orbital lasers are on this dump of an earth. We’re sitting ducks up here and its only a matter of time before someone knocks on the door.”

“She went down to the surface. Apparently, she wants to bed some guy named Forge before we announce ourselves.”

The Engineer a.k.a. Angela Spica


Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8


Genius Maker, Sense of  Wonder,  Scientist

Power Sets


SFX: Nano-Machinery. Add a D6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using any Nine Pints of Liquid Machinery power to create assets.

SFX: Every Tool is a Weapon if you Hold it Right. Split Weapons  into 2D at -1 step or 3D at -2 steps.

SFX: Liquid Metal. Use two or more Nine Pints of Liquid Machinery powers in a single dice pool at -1 step for each additional power.

LIMIT: Gear in my Blood. Shutdown Nine Pints of Liquid Machinery and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the Doom Pool to recover.


Combat Expert, Medical Master, Psych Expert, Science Master, Tech Master, Vehicle Master



1 XP when you explain the science behind what is occurring.

3 XP when you create an asset that helps the team with your Nine Pints of Liquid Machinery power set.

10 XP when you either make something with science and engineering to destroy an extinction level global threat or make something to fix the world and make it better.


1 XP when you declare something you are seeing as wondrous.

3 XP when you help a teammate recover during a Transition Scene.

10 XP when you either create something to display your sense of wonder at what you have seen or become a jaded veteran of too many super human wars and lose the sense of wonder forever.

“They have their own doctor?”

“Well, he calls himself a Sorcerer Supreme. Heard about him in the Garden of Ancestral Memory. He’s a doctor but…not a Doctor.”

“Huh, what’s his story?”

“He’s a western surgeon magical super hero, all magical surgery and no preventative medicine.”

The Doctor a.k.a Jereon Thorndike


Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8


Feels Unworthy, Heroin Addict, Global Shaman

Power Sets


SFX: Magic is Change. Spend 1 PP to ignore Physical stress or trauma caused by any mystical attacks.

SFX: Action and Reaction. On a successful reaction against a physical or energy attack action, convert your opponent’s effect die into a Chosen by the Garden of Ancestral  Memory stunt or step up a Chosen by the Garden of Ancestral Memory power by a D6 for your next action. Spend 1 PP to use this stunt if your opponent’s reaction succeeds.

SFXLearned from his Ancestors. Split Sorcery Supremancy into 2D at -1 step or 3D at -2 steps.

LIMIT: Exhausted. Shutdown any Chosen by the Garden of Ancestral Memory power to gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.

LIMIT: Under Pressure. During any Transition Scene, the Watcher can ask for a roll against the highest Doom Pool from the previous scene, trying to either inflict emotional stress on you or creating a complication for the next Action Scene.


Cosmic Expert, Mystic Master


Talk to the Lineage

1 XP when you discuss your problems with the former Doctors or talk to your teammates about the wisdom they have shared with you.

3 XP when you help a teammate deal with Emotional Stress by sharing your shamanic wisdom.

10 XP when you full accept your role as global shaman, replacing the Distinction, Feels Unworthy with something else or retire your role as Doctor off to the someone you declare as next in line or a predecessor.


1 XP when you leverage your role as Doctor or member of Authority to gain something petty and mundane.

3 XP when you take Emotional stress from a teammate because of the mess you make in the world.

10 XP when you either deal with your fame with grace and poise or become a media punching bag, putting a complication on the entire team for the next chapter’s conflicts with any public figure.

There are some sexy cities here, boss. Attilan, Kun L’un, more odd underground cities of mutants, monsters and robots beneath New York City than I can easily count. As usual, New York City thinks its the center of the god damned universe but here it seems even more pronounced than usual.”

Jack Hawksmoor


Solo D6, Buddy D8, Team D10


The God of Cities, Stuffed with 70th Century Tech, Womanizer

Power Sets


SFXWhen Cities Bleed. Add a die from the Doom Pool to one or more attack actions. Step up the Doom Pool die by +1 for each action; return it to the Doom Pool when you’re done.

SFX: Streetwise. If a pool includes an Urban Organism power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die of +1 step or larger.

SFX: Multi-task. Use two or more Urban Organism powers in a single dice pool at -1 step for each additional power.

LIMITCities Only. When you leave a city (the Carrier counts as a city) you must take any effects you cause on the scene, stepped down -1 as Emotional Stress.


Acrobatic Master, Combat Expert, Covert Expert, Crime Master, Menace Expert


Don’t make me do this.

1 XP when you seek a non-lethal option or point out the Authority’s over-exuberant blood-shed.

3 XP when you have to kill.

10 XP when you either decide you cannot kill again and leave the Authority or slaughter a defenseless enemy and confirm your role as a murderer of bastards.

City Folk

1 XP when you talk about a city as if it was a person.

3 XP when you take stress while defending a city or help with a clean-up effort during a Transition Scene.

10 XP when you either fend off an attacker who would have done damage to a city or do tremendous damage to a city in order to fend off a global threat.

“So, let me get this straight, humans are evolving into these mutants, who are meta-humans?”

“Yeah, they’ve located a gene, have even built this ingenious device to locate others of their kind because naturally, humanity being humanity, the mutants are hunted, hated and mistrusted.”

“Typical. Why haven’t the mutants taken over the world?”


“Is Shen thinking what I think she’s thinking?”

“No, we can’t take them all on the Carrier. That is a big mess waiting to happen. We can’t…we’re only guests here… right?”

Swift a.k.a. Shen Li-Min


Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8


Former Pacifist, Master Hunter, Fastest Winged Mammal

Power Sets


SFX: Aerial combatant. On a successful reaction against Physical Stress dealt by another flying opponent, inflict Physical Stress with your effect die at no PP cost or spend PP to step it up by ++1

SFX: Easy Prey. Add a D6 and step up your effect by +1 when inflicting Physical Stress against a grounded opponent.

SFX: Wing and Claw: Use two or more Wings and Talons powers in a single dice pool at -1 step for each additional power.

LIMITAwake to Fly. If stressed out, asleep or unconscious, shutdown Wings and Talons. Recover Wings and Talons when stress is recovered or you are awake. If Physical Trauma is taken, shutdown Wings and Talons until trauma is recovered.


Acrobatic Master, Combat Expert, Covert Expert, Vehicle Master


Read the Wind

1 XP when you talk about the glory of flight and the sky.

3 XP when you create an asset to help a teammate navigate through the air in an Action Scene or save an ally from falling.

10 XP when you either inflict trauma from the air to a villain with a D12 in one of their Power Sets or are dealt trauma while flying and must learn to love flight again.

Too Pragmatic for Pacifism

1 XP when you discuss a plan that does not involve killing.

3 XP when you kill an enemy who you have talked to in relatively civil tones in the past.

10 XP when you decide that killing is indeed the only way or decide that killing is wrong and leave the team.

“How are their meta-humans organized?”

“Not unlike how we had Stormwatch towards the end, really. For the global threats, they have different teams of Avengers for different kinds of threats. The X-teams are the mutant equivalent, also set up into teams based on mission type or creed. The links between the Avengers teams and the government is tenuous even though their leader is a military boy scout from the second world war. Here he is on the big screen.”

“Is there something about him that just makes you want to sully him a bit?”

“Is he a virgin?”

“It is going to be a race to sleep with him, isn’t it?”

Event Milestones

The Big Bads

“They’ve let some bad eggs flourish down there. Let’s kick some heads in and end some bad patterns I’m seeing.”

1 XP when you declare your intentions to do harm to one of Marvel’s biggest villains or heroes because of the harm they have done the world.

3 XP when you do harm to one of Marvel’s iconic villains (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Kingpin, Norman Osborne, Loki, Kang, etc.).

10 XP when you either publicly execute a villain or ask them to join the Authority.

Fall in Love

“She’s a gamma irradiated lawyer with can squat thrust over 80 tons. What is not to love?”

1 XP when you tell a hero or villain you are in love with them.

3 XP when you spend a Scene on a date with a hero or villain.

10 XP when you either marry the hero or villain or move on, leaving them behind as the Authority traverses the Bleed.

Fall in Lust

“He’s an egomaniacal king of Atlantis whose in unrequited love with some science hero’s wife and the body of an olympic swimmer. What’s not to lust?”

1 XP when you make over advances towards a hero or villain.

3 XP when you spend a Scene recovering from stress by being in bed with a hero or villain.

10 XP when you either decide that you love them and this is serious or casually toss them aside, letting them know that this relationship is nothing but physical.

Best Intentions

“Take me to your leader, wankers.”

1 XP when you assure someone that you have no intentions of causing a ruckus while visiting.

3 XP when you cause trauma to someone or capture someone and take them back to the ship.

10 XP when you either announce to the world that you plan to kick its teeth in or try to work with the populace to effect change on their own.

Endangered Species

“Their mutants are nearly extinct; I’m going to help them.”

1 XP when you talk to a mutant about how to solve their community’s problems.

3 XP when you use one of your specialties to create an asset for a mutant to use.

10 XP when you either decide to eradicate all enemies of mutant-kind or take the mutants on to the ship so they can find a better world than this.

Alphabet Soup

“The Hand, Hydra, A.I.M., the Hellfire Club, H.A.M.M.E.R., S.H.I.E.L.D., and the list goes on and on, all with different ideas about how to make the world heaven or hell.”

1 XP when you talk to a grunt in any of the above organizations.

3 XP when you talk to the leader of an organization and deal them mental or emotional stress from the conversation.

10 XP when you either decide that this organization needs to be decimated and declare war upon them or take control of the organization so that it is ruled by you.

Not So Secret War

“Burn it down. All of it.”

1 XP when you tell a major world power that they are being a shit in a public venue.

3 XP when you declare war on a major world power.

10 XP when you either declare the war a victory because your enemy is decimated or find a middle ground or declare the war lost and pull out

Welcome to the Authority

“She’s too amazing to leave in this back-water reality.”

1 XP when you mention to the team that someone in this reality is worth recruiting.

3 XP when you test that person to see what they are made of.

10 XP when you either ask them to join the Authority or find them lacking and let them know they blew their shot.


“Something is coming to eat the Carrier’s engine.”

1 XP when you ask someone about Galactus or one of his Heralds.

3 XP when you deal stress to one of the Heralds of Galactus.

10 XP when you either deal trauma to Galactus, fending him off or get the ship moving and run from his hunger.


Spy, 10 XP

You have a spy on the inside of an organization or community (Kingpin’s mob, Sect of Mutants, Hellfire Club, The Hand, A.I.M., S.H.I.E.L.D., S.W.O.R.D., Hydra, The Avengers, The Hulks, The Inhumans, Nova Corps, Atlantis, Wakanda, Latveria, 50 State Initiative, Stark Corp., Roxxon) who will feed you information in return for something…

The Carrier


Powered by a Baby Universe, Abandonment Issues


Fifty Miles Long d10

Door, 10 XP

The Carrier’s teleportation system is now online and can take you anywhere on earth.

Navigation, 10 XP

The Carrier’s in-reality navigational system is now online. You can move the ship to anywhere in the Marvel Universe but it can’t cross into the Bleed yet.

Weapons, 10 XP

The Carrier’s weapons systems are now online. You can call on the Carrier during Action Scenes.

Once all 3 of the above unlockables have been bought by players, they may chip in so that they can unlock the following:

Carrier is a go, 40 XP

The Carrier is able to tack into the Bleed and leave this reality. You can go at any time.

Cool Places to Punch One Another

  • Inhumans City [Mutagenic Gas Chamber, Super Powered Bystanders]
  • Savage Land [Dinosaurs, Abandoned SHIELD Installations]
  • New York City (particularly near the Flatiron Building where we always see Spider-man swinging around)[Beautiful Bystanders,]
  • Genosha [Busted Sentinels]
  • Xavier School for Gifted Children or Jean Grey School for Gifted Children [Mutant Bystanders, Danger Room]
  • The Baxter Building [Unfinished Experiment, ]
  • Right in front of the Watcher on the dark side of the Moon [Craters, ]
  • Morlock Tunnels [Unstable Tunnels, Reeks of Death]
  • Roxxon Oil Platform [Secret Super Villain, Pipes that Explode]
  • Atlantis [Under Water, Thermal Vents]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier [Top Security, Villain Transfer]
  • Wakanda [Unstable Vibranium, Panther Guard]
  • Latverian Tech-Castle of Doom [Oppressed Bystanders, Latverian Artifacts]
  • Asgard (especially the Rainbow Bridge) [Mythological Bystanders, Monsters, Epic Architecture]
  • On an Avenger’s Quinjet [Inevitable Crash, Stark Tech]
  • Negative Zone [Bug Monsters, Reed’s Gate]


Y’know, I’d be really tempted to start this game during the Breakout, just because it is the iconic Marvel Heroic Role Playing game start point. Honestly, I’d be tempted to start this game in the middle of any event or comic book. Toss the Authority at the MU in the middle of something big and ask them to take sides and punch someone hard.

The Authority are a hard lot to write milestones for because, particularly in their first few graphic novels, they don’t really have much in the way of moral quandaries. If you need a list of who to punch, here’s a good place to start.

If you play with these folks, please let me know how it goes.

This was mostly based off of the Warren Ellis stories but some Mark Millar’s stuff crept in.

The Authority: Relentless by Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary and Laura Depuy

The Authority: Change of Management by Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, Laura Depuy, Mark Miller and Frank Quitely

Things to do in Action Scenes

  • Stick your nose into a well worn Marvel conflict.
  • Punch someone in need of punching.
  • Depose a country’s ruler.
  • Help a team take down a villain.
  • Stop a natural or ecological disaster.

Things to do in Transition Scenes

  • Wake up hungover in bed with any number of villains and/or heroes.
  • Throw a party in the Carrier.
  • Uncover secrets that change everything.
  • Meet up with someone who holds a similar archetype as you and talk shop.
  • Meet with leaders.
  • Be interviewed by the media on television.
  • Discuss this world with a teammate.


Over at the MWP forum, Jim has some solid critique for my character builds that are well worth thinking about. I changed a few characters with his comments in mind but will keep the 1 and 2 adds to the Doom Pool for Apollo, Midnighter and Jenny until playtesting tells me differently. I really like the idea of those power-houses making a situation worse at times.

Reviews: Batwoman #8 and Secret Avengers #25

Batwoman #8: This was Batwoman’s probationary issue and it is now off my pull list. I enjoyed how they crafted a fitting arch-villain for her in the Detective Comics arc but since she has gotten her own title book and the creative team has changed I have been lukewarm. My big problem is they took her father out of the equation and I really liked their relationship, liked how they interacted and how they handled the vigilante with her Army dad as support.

She is the kind of character, not a big IP, not yet a movie or even an animated short that has lots of freedom and the concept of the series with Batwoman as the one who faces down the occult problems in Gotham intrigued the hell out of me. How often does one get a shot with a character on the outskirts of the Bat-pantheon, getting to create a new Gotham Rogues Gallery? I’m not sure if I want to like this comic more than I want to write it.

For the past few issues they are trying to do something with moving back and forth between the past and the present but it just felt confusing and annoying. In a 24 page comic, I want, at the very least, one really neat human moment and one punch-in-the-face cool any comic book moment. I didn’t get that with this comic. I’m done. I’ll keep an eye on a shake-up on the creative team to lure me back some day.

Secret Avengers #25: After reading the Dark Angel Saga, Rick Remender has become a name to watch and his name was on the cover of Secret Avengers I was intrigued. Venom, also written by Remender, was a really interesting idea that just never quite came together on the page for me. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this comic was solid fun.

The comic started was the last issue of an arc, something about old robots in the Marvel U mating with humans, making children, seeing the WWII-era Human Torch as their Grandfather. I had no idea what was going on but I was in. The Secret Avengers team was in the robots’ city but got separated.

The characters worked for me. I like Valkyrie, a bad-ass Asgardian warrior who can sense death coming. Venom had an almost Spider-mannish humor to him that I enjoyed. The Golden Age Human Torch is an under-utilized toy in the Marvel toy-box and it was nice to see him featured.

It was big and fun, stuff exploded, the end was B-Movie twisty and I liked the team.

I’m a fan, Secret Avengers is on the pull list.

March Comics: Saga, Moon Knight, AvX

This month’s comics

Best of the Month:

Saga #1: I really liked Brian K Vaughn’s Ex Machina and Runaways. Saga is a solid first issue about a married couple of AWOL soldiers from different sides of an inter-galactic conflict. It has a science-fantasy feel with robots, horned folk and winged folk, laser pistols and magic spells. Breast-feeding on the cover, robots with T.V. heads having half-hearted intercourse and soldiers gone A.W.O.L. from a space war between those on a planet and those on the planet’s moon. I’m in.

On Probation:

Batwoman #7: This issue was weak sauce and has put Batwoman, one of the few DC comics on my pull list, on probation. If the next issue is weak or even mediocre, I’ll drop it.

Batwoman is the kind of B-list character who is situated perfectly to be interesting to me. She can inhabit her own place in the Gotham pantheon and the writers have this rare opportunity to create her own rogues gallery and exposing her to Arkham’s finest. But it just isn’t delivering.

Thor #12: Long-story short. Thor was dead, was being digested in some thing that digests dead, forgotten gods but he breaks out with two other dead gods, both aliens. He returns, kicks butt….etc. But now he has these two until-recently dead alien gods with him. That is the kind of crazy galactic shit that makes me excited to read Thor. Next issue, either wow me with something unexpected or hit me with some dead alien god action or I’m done.

It was the concept of Galactus trying to eat Asgard that brought me to this book. I need that kind of galactic glorious nonsense or else it isn’t worth my time.


Conan the Barbarian #2: I really like the creators behind the book but it just isn’t grabbing me. I’m done.

And the rest:

Avengers Academy #27 and 28: It was nice to see the Runaways again and even nicer to see Pym thinking outside the box, using crazy comic book tech to come up with outside the box solutions to problems. Thumbs up.

Moon Knight #11: This is probably my favorite super-hero comic book coming out, so I’m bummed that next issue is the last one. I would have liked to see what Bendis and Maleev would have cooked up for MK, fighting crime on the west coast with his own special brand of mental illness.

Avengers #24: I’m glad this Norman Osborn business is over and done with. It felt more like his own hubris defeated him than anything the Avengers did. I would have liked to have seen Spider-man have a super-heroic Avengers moment and be the one to have brought Norman down.

Avengers #24.1: I like this .1 issues, little stand alone pieces. In this one Vision tries to track down his wife, faces down Magneto, talks to She-Hulk who feels guilty for having torn him apart while under some kind of mind control…despite being a kind of filler issue, it was emotional and interesting. This is probably foreshadowing for a big role Scarlet Witch will play in the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men summer event.

The New Avengers #23: This was a big series of fights between the New Avengers and Osborn’s Dark Avengers but the drama for me was hoping that Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ relationship is okay. I really like the ecclectic group of super-heroes this comic book brings together (Iron First, Wolverine, Spider-man, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel (soon to be Captain Marvel) and the Thing). Oddly, the book didn’t feel crowded but it could be that I am just a sucker for big team books.

Avengers vs. X-Men #1: The first issue of this summer’s big cross-over. It didn’t start with the bang of Civil War or even Fear Itself but hopefully it will slow burn into a more satisfying overall arc. For some reason I get this feeling that the Scarlet Witch is going to get in touch with the Phoenix Force, sacrifice herself and bring back Mutantkind. You heard that shit here first.

What was in your pull list this month? What are you enjoying?

Links on my mind: Captain Marvel, Korra and Monsterhearts

Comics: Carol Danvers is too Marvelous for words

There aren’t a lot of female writers in comics, either, but the new “Captain Marvel” has one: Kelly Sue DeConnick, best known for manga translations. On, she described the character this way:

“My pitch (to Marvel) was called ‘Pilot’ and the take can pretty much be summed up with ‘Carol Danvers as Chuck Yeager.’ Carol’s the virtual definition of a Type A personality. She’s a competitor and a control freak. … She’ll have to figure out how to be both Captain Marvel (ital) and (end ital) Chuck Yeager …”

Chuck Yeager as a super-hero is what interests me about Hal Jordan. I’m excited to see Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.

I was talking about Marvel vs. DC with Jim the other day and he said something smart, as he often does, “DC has the trinity, the big iconics but Marvel has a deeper bench.” Very true and it feels like Marvel desperately needs some rockin’ super-hero ladies in their own books, punching aliens and smacking villains.

At some point, I have to write about the Avengers cartoon. I’m nearly finished with the first season Netflix has on tap and after getting past the first three episodes, it has really picked up.

‘Airbender’ creators reclaim their world in ‘Korra’

During test screenings, though, boys said they didn’t care that Korra was a girl. They just said she was awesome.

Good Writing + Solid Storytelling = the smashing of executive marking conventional wisdom.

Monsterhearts: Queerness and the Supernatural Teen Romance Genre

Now, ever since I discovered Buffy, I have adored supernatural teen romance, as a genre (and I keep being disappointed by everything else I see in the genre, but that’s another matter), and I knew Apocalypse World was good, so I was already very excited about Monsterhearts.  But on my first read-through of my advanced PDF copy of the game, when I got to this section I was immediately completely sold on the game.

Gaming as Women has been a consistently wonderful blog, earning its place under the category, Best of the Geek, on my Google Reader.

Now that I look things over, all of these links are about geekdom and gender. Interesting.

If you have any links that are grabbing your attention, please post them into the comments.  Thanks.

Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: Marvel Boy, Kree Ensign Noh-Var

Marvel Boy

Avengers Codename: Protector

Kree Ensign Noh-Var


Solo 1d10
Buddy 1d6
Team 1d8


Refugee from Another World

Kree Soldier

“This world killed my friends and imprisoned me.”

Power Sets

Nega Bands

Energy Blast d8

Teleportation d6

Flight D6


SFX: Versatile: Split POWER TRAIT into 2d at –1 step, or 3d at –2 steps.

LIMIT: Gear: Shutdown POWER SET and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover.


Alien Insect DNA

Superhuman Durability d10

Superhuman Speed d10 (can run up walls)

Enhanced Reflexes d8 (maybe d10 too or am I overdoing it?)

Enhanced Senses d8

Enhanced Stamina d8

Enhanced Strength d8

Energy Blast d8 (able to grow fingernails and use them as grenades…seriously)


SFX: Multi-power: Use two or more Alien DNA powers in a single dice pool at -1 step for each additional power.

LIMIT: Conscious Activation: If stressed out, asleep, or unconscious, shutdown Alien DNA. Recover Alien DNA when stress is recovered or you awake. If Physical Trauma is taken, shutdown Alien DNA until trauma is recovered.



  • Combat Master 1d10
  • Acrobatics Master 1d10
  • Vehicle Master 1d10
  • Tech Master 1d10
  • Cosmic Master 1d10


Rebel without a World
1XP When you mock the crude ways of Earth-616.
3XP When you rebel against society through your actions.
10XP When you either find a place in this world or launch on a campaign to change it once and for all, for its own damned good.

Kree Soldier/Diplomat
1XP When you declare someone an enemy.
3XP When you take stress in battle or in an argument with an enemy.
10XP When you either declare war on something or broker peace.

Inspirations and Thoughts:
Marvel Boy by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones