This Imaginary Life, Next Show, Sunday December 1st, 10:30 PM

Our next show will be on Sunday, December 1st at 10:30 PM, please stop by and send us some questions live as we record.  We will be using the new format discussed at the end of our last show.

Here are the links and show notes:


This Imaginary Life: “I Forgot to Prep Tonight’s Game…”

Iron GM

We talk about secrets

“It is game day and you’ve done no prep…”

Suggested Techniques:

  • Ask the Players Questions
  • Enjoy a Quiet Moment
  • Play up Rivals
  • Look at the character sheets for inspiration
  • Find a status quo and destroy it.
  • Play up consequences of past adventures
  • Steve the Tricky?
  • Play a session from a different POV
  • The Mountain Witch trick: Introduce a front-loaded NPC and ask question
  • Look over the table, see who hasn’t had spotlight
  • Give them choices for relationships in a new place
  • Judd is re-summoned to the hang-out.
  • Blank spots on the map, have players fill it out
  • Steal and pillage from game systems
  • Check out the GM’s Consequences
  • Give ’em what they want: “Promise them the sun and give them the moon.” – Sagas of the Icelanders. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.
  • A list of Zero Prep Games (Lady Blackbird, Psi Run, Fiasco, Inspectres, Shotgun Diaries, Don’t Rest Your Head)
  • Get them addicted…
  • Red Button Options

2 Minutes

Judd: Seclusium. Sorcerer and Satan.

Rich: Apocalypse World.

J.D.: Spark. Demon the Fallen?

Erik: Pathfinder Society.

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