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Daydreaming about Dragons, Epsiode 91 TABLETOP TECHNIQUE – Problems Not Solutions / INSPIRATION GOAT – True Detective Season 2 and Chasing the Beauty — Daydreaming about Dragons
Science Fiction Daydream Fuel for MadJay

Science Fiction Daydream Fuel for MadJay

MadJay is daydreaming.

I’m here to help.

retro-futuristic astronaut knight

Midjourney Prompt

full page scan of blueprint of science ficton weapon + blue ink on black paper

Midjourney Prompt

full page scan of a science fiction blueprint of a generation ship + blue paper + ornate + highly detailed –ar 16:9

Midjourney Prompt

blueprint of an epic science fiction story

Midjourney Prompt

state of the art orbital fighter ship blueprint in the style of pixel art

Midjourney Prompt

alien ship in the style of pixel art

Midjourney Prompt

alien ship in the style of pixel art

Midjourney Prompt

beautiful science fiction starscape in the style of pixel art

Midjourney Prompt

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scifi Truesword
Lists to help with Creator Day

Lists to help with Creator Day

Not sure where to start? I have lists.

If you have a game that should be on one of these lists but isn’t, please comment or contact me and I’ll gladly add them.

Spear Subject Header

RPG’s (when I just wasn’t sure where to put it)

Electric Bastionland (should this get merged with Into the Odd? Maybe…)

Souls-like, see also, Jason’s even better Souls-like TTRPG List that I’ll add to my own later.

Other Games (for when I really, really didn’t know where to list them)

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Try Professional GMing? Sure.

I’m giving paid GMing a try on the Start Playing site.

Please click here if you have gamed with me and you’d like to leave a review of my GMing.

old fashioned dungeon-ish rings subject divider

Click here if you’d like to see what games I have coming up or if you’d like to register for a paid game. Right now I only have a session of Trophy Gold on the books but will throw more out there as we go.

I am dipping my toe into these strange new waters.

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The Twilight Throne and the House of Ruin (and more)

Want to get excited about a game on a Monday morning?

Usually, when I’m hearing about a fictional setting, be it a tabletop game, video-game, novel or talkie, when proper nouns and titles come up my eyes kind of glaze over. Not so with Rae’s stuff.

From a picklist in The Twilight Throne and the House of Ruin:

Who are the heralds of the apocalypse?
Cursed Archivists, wielding corrupted wisdom

The Kraken’s Beloved, chaos mages fueled by despair

Humans, newly awakened to stolen powers

Dragons sleeping in souls touched by tragedy, dreaming new forms

I don’t know what ANY of that means. I only know I want to get together with my friends and figure it out. Watch (or listen in the background as you do blog work, as I did) as amazing gamers agonize over too many cool options but have to choose one:

While you’re watching you can go pre-order The Twilight Throne and the House of Ruin here.

Dagger Subject Divider

Everyone else in that video has exciting links brewing too.

Misha and her crew at New Agenda Publishing has Orun all cooked and ready to roll. Grab it at Third Eye Games.

Sean is excited about Improv for Gamers 2nd Edition. Still in trial over on Gamefound, a new crowdfunding direction for Evil Hat.

Connie‘s got a Godkiller, a 2 player game about killing a god that has its own twitter account. New details should be dropping on that today, I believe.

What are you excited about?

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The Alt-Right in Tabletop Games by John Battle

What you are about to watch contains explicit language, adult themes, violence, racism, and transphobia. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

It is an ugly hour that John Battle does his level best to make watchable through appropriately gallows humor and showing his own frustration at the patterns in the TTRPG community.

Subtlety is over-rated.

Subtlety is over-rated.
Your #DnD players are journeying to a new town and something is amiss. 👀 What are some subtle ways to hint to your players that something is wrong here?
Kids run up to the party cleric and/or paladin and all if their gods are going to destroy the devils that the mayor has summoned to consolidate their power. #subtle #DnD
Spears Subject Divider Image

Most of the time I’d rather get my players into the mix with information at hand so they can make interesting, informed and meaningful decisions. There will still be room for surprises but in my experience, when I find myself actively hiding something from the players it is often a mistake.

Uncovering secret lore or figuring out a complicated situation can be fun. I’m just saying, keep careful track of how hard you are working to keep secrets or keep information from the players. Character decisions are far more interesting when they have more information.

Even when players don’t know things, I don’t think of it as hiding it from them or being subtle. I think of it as controlling pacing by unspooling the hidden at the pace of their discovery, especially if they are after the information and are taking smart angles to find it.
More subtlety? OK Statues of saints crying blood. The Screaming Tree is at it again, they say. Everyone who has killed can see and talk to the ghosts of those they have slain. Everyone in town is trying to get the merchant’s son out of the mirror he accidentally walked into.

These designs and more in my Threadless shop – t-shirts of all kinds, mugs, stickers and even shower curtains…

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Curse of Strahd, Session XIV, Death of Strahd

Curse of Strahd, Session XIV, Death of Strahd

Curse of Strahd

In which the Sigil Six ends of the Curse of Strahd slaying the legendary vampire through sorcery, steel and cunning.

Episode XIV Death of Strahd

Who are Trundle, Helewynn, Bugwump, Kuru, Jusko and Failed Soldier?

Bat-human skeleton subject divider
  • Helewynn ran outside the tower, where the group had entered and saw Strahd’s Nightmare Steed, still unable to see him. She jumped on a pterodactyl and titled with him once, doing brutal damage to him with the Sunsword but Strahd did brutal damage with his hands and a Blight spell. When the group arrived, the Nightmare took Strahd into the ethereal.

  • The plan was to lure Strahd into the room where he had a teleportation brazier and teleport everyone, including Strahd, to a killing field they had set up in the Abbey of St. Markovia’s courtyard.

  • The group ran down the tower’s steps into the crypts and started looting his ancestor’s tombs (finding a cloak and a sword). Rahadin found Bugwump alone and did some brutal damage to him, dropping him to 0 hit points right in front of Trundle, who was standing by the secret door from the crypts to the hallway that led to the teleportation room.

  • The group dropped Rahadin down to 1 hit point, nearly killing Strahd’s Red Right Hand but she misty-stepped and got away.

  • There was a cool moment where Bugwump went down and Kuru used Mage Hand to get a healing potion to his comrade but the way A described it was really nifty. He described running towards them, tossing the potion to his Mage Hand and the magical hand zipping to pour a potion down his friend’s throat. He made a simple casting of a spell feel like an action movie. It was cool.

  • Strahd arrived, invisible, and asked the group to fall to their knees and beg for mercy; they did not and began to run for the secret door that led to the hallway that led to the teleportation room. Strahd threw 2 fireballs that really decimated the group. Failed Soldier and Jusko fell but were brought up to single digit hit points.

  • The group was huddled in the teleportation room and Strahd entered, walking through the door. The group was ragged. He asked them to make their way through the mists to the Shadowfell and tell Sigil of his mercy. Hellewynn grabbed him and pulled him into the teleportation area but not before he gutted her with his hands.

  • The group was on the precipice. The killing field they had prepared and it gave them advantage on that first round. They did a brutal amount of damage to Strahd and Strahd, in turn, dropped Jusko and nearly dropped Bugwump. Failed Soldier used a cool spell to take negative damage and brought Helewynn up to 40-something hit points.

  • Sun Sword in hand, Helewynn killed Strahd and in the sunlight of this magic blade, he could not turn to mist. The clouds party and for the first time the Sigil Six could see the blue sky.

    Jusko, once he was healed, picked up Strahd’s signet ring, knowing that it would have great meaning to his family, proof that he had killed the vampire who had feated on his kin. He offered it to Helewynn, who pushed his hand away, wanting him to have it.

  • Next session the Sigil Six is planning to head into the Shadowfell, through the mist, and make their way to Gloomwrought. Or as Trundle said, “Fuck the Lady of Pain. Let’s take our sweet-ass time getting back to Sigil.”

    The Sigil 6: Outlands Expedition Team
Bat-human skeleton subject divider


Prelude in Sigil

Questions Before Curse of Strahd

Session I Welcome to Barovia

Session II Battle of Ravenwatch

Session III Wolves and Souls

Session IV Ghosts & Bones

Session V – I fucked up numbering; there is no Episode V. 

Session VI Enter the Amber Temple

Session VII Dark Gifts

Session VIII New Wolves & Old Friends

Session IX The Execution of Kiril Stoyanovich

Session X The Crypts Under Castle Ravenloft

Session XI Plans Within Plans and the Broken Angel

Session XII Blood and Philosophy in the Abbey of St. Markovia

Session XIII The Ballad of Kuru Heartbreaker
DM Advice: Give yourself structure

DM Advice: Give yourself structure

The hardest thing to do is create into a void. When you are making something, give yourself some structure, even if you throw it away later or hate it. That is fine, it gives you something to chafe against and that will help you create.

Where did this come from?

Reddit Post: I’ve just started the daunting task of creating my first world from scratch, and it started pretty simple: A town here, a city there, maybe some mountains near it. I thought I was doing a pretty bang-up job. But then I started seeing other people’s worlds and getting overwhelmed by the amount of thought they put into the logistics of their setting. I remember seeing Matthew Mercer create a believable mining town in 3 minutes, he started with a vague outline of a mining town and then added farms, and then unions, and then mining guilds, and then adventuring guilds, and so on and so forth. It was so impressive and horrifying, how does one think about these things? Does everyone think about their settings like this? Am I just stupid and unfit to be making worlds and just stick to prewritten stuff? So does anyone know a “Worldbuilding for Dummies” book?

Subject Divider

My response:

You are not an idiot. Folks have been doing this for a long time and have internalized structure.

When you have a new place, try this:

Think of 3 things – a place, a faction and a secret.

Eventually, you’ll want 9 but to start fast, but for fast-and-loose at the table – just jot down 3. Eventually, when you’ve had a moment to think or time to prep – you’ll have 3 of each:

3 Interest Places.

3 Factions.

3 Secrets.

9 things. More will grow out of that. If you can’t think of 3, that is fine. Just move on. Jot the things down and get going.