Friday Trophy Gold, Roots of Old Kalduhr AP Index

The Roots of Old Kalduhr is the mega-incursion included in the Trophy Gold rulebook. It is a delve large enough that the treasure-hunters will have to descend into its depths, grab what treasure they can and head back to Fort Duhrin when they have enough coin to cover their debt. I was honored to have contributed to it and I’m ecstatic to see it hit the table with my dear friends, Aaron, Jay (who also contributed!) and Jim.

Below are links to the blog posts I write up after every game, discussing what happened in the game and how Trophy Gold’s mechanics supported this play and also other links that will be helpful or informative.

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Our Characters

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Blog Posts

Roots of Old Kalduhr vertical title image with climber descending in front of a giant worn statue and beams of sunlight hitting subterranean stone.

1 Into the Forest

As they sipped tea and dusk fell to night, Aksil said, “This was a good first day in the forest. Perhaps when the sun rises we will find our way.”

Non-AP Hirelings

Will I ever put together a fictional duo with names as good as Chatwyn & Sprunt? I doubt it. 

2 Down

 Aaron described Kel as reaching for a purpose like he had when he was a Kingsguard and Jay described Pela as growing his hair out and trying to move past his days as a priest.

3 Out from the Roots

“If we don’t destroy that thing I’m going to find myself thinking of it whenever I try to sleep…”

A Heart Hums in the Darkness
a sweet Trophy Gold Inclusion by Michael Van Vleet

4 Buzz

They said yes and so the incursion, A Heart Hums in Darkness by Michael Van Vleet began.

5 Sweet

We missed a few weeks but it felt good to get back and see what is going on with these treasure-hunting weirdos.

Attack of the Phase Spider
A Trophy Gold Incursion

As an old paperback

6 Time

When this adventure is working, it should use the characters’ backgrounds to create a surreal otherworld, blend character’s histories together in confusing and interesting ways and confront parts of characters’ past while thinking a bit about the future…

7 Harpy

We headed back into the Roots of Old Kalduhr and decided to look into a new entrance. Last time I used the Statue Clearing this time I used the Stone Bridge, leading to the Harpy Fountain, where a rusted grate took them to the aqueduct.

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