Moons of Leviathan Index

It all started with a tweet from Morgan. We had no idea that we’d lose him soon after.

Dozens of moons surrounding a gas giant with a satanic storm eye moving to and fro. The gas giant is called Leviathan with dozens of moons and enough asteroids in its rings that new moons are still discovered.

The first Moons of Leviathan blog post

I am imagining the Astrogation Temples, where you go to have your journey mapped. The mapping takes place in empty rooms with vaulted ceilings, where stone moon sculptures are put into motion on hard light holograms.

Ducal Moons

In Book 2: Starships of the Traveller Little Black Box, it talks a bit about getting education and training. Easy enough to Apocalypse it up a bit.

Training and Moves in Moons of Leviathan

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