Mothership, horror sci-fi

“I’m Mother Eff, this blog’s Ghost Astronaut mascot. Below are links to Actual Plays/After-Action Reports and blog posts about the science-fiction horror role-playing game, Mothership.”


“These are the Actual Play (called After-Action Reports in the Mothership community) blog posts of Judd’s first sessions of Mothership, played with Jay from the Diceology Podcast and MadJay Zero Hustle and Judd’s longtime friend, Jim. These posts are about them playing the adventure, What We Give to Alien Gods by Lone Archivist.”
What We Give to Alien Gods, an adventure for Mothership
Adventure by The Lone Archivist

In which gaming friends from different corners of my life meet, we make characters and play for a bit. – getting the characters’ emotional cards on the table.

Session 1, So, two scientists and an android walk into a nebula.

“From Session 2 onward there will be spoilers.
“If you want to play the adventure as cold as the void’s vacuum…you’ve been warned.
“The letters are even red and my eye-sockets are glowing (also red). I’m not sure what else I can do to make this clear.”

In which the scientists search the powered down science frigate their mentor had taken into this nebula and abandoned before the Balinadae’s crew went into the alien temple.

Session 2, Aboard the Corporate Science Frigate Balinadae

In this third session the scientist player-characters entered the Cyclopean Alien Temple through a breached wall. They tested out the Panic Table and pushed some buttons. Judd was going to name this session, Cyclopean Alien Temple but Pushing Buttons felt more clever.

Session 3, Pushing Buttons
CSB Humboldt shoulder patch
Hull Designation, CSB (Corporate Science Boat)
Double Quartz Data Core
Manufactured by Raven Nebula Shipyard
Mendel’s Whiskey
An Innocent Hobby Without Malice
Scifi Skulls Subject Divider

“If reading about other folks’ play sessions isn’t your cuppa tea, check out the links below – blog posts about Mothership and some day, maybe Judd will even have a tri-fold adventure or a supplement of some kind.”

As I’ve started Mothering a game of Mothership and preparing to run another, I’ve made little things here and there. Here are a few.

bits and Bobs for Mothership
What are you doing in the scifi future?

I want my horror balanced with wonder and my pessimism balanced with hope.

Daydreaming about Mothership: the wonder/horror balance

In case your Mothership team has to hire a soldier or you’ve got an NPC and need to flesh ’em out fast. Here’s a table using for 1d10 and 1d10 and a if you need – a d20 to come up with a soldier NPC.

Roll up a fast soldier
What kind of conflict? What kind of unit?

“Judd would want me to thank you for reading, even if he’s trying to establish my voice as an irreverent ghost astronaut.

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“Mother Eff out!”

More designs like these at the link. Put ’em on t-shirts, stickers, mugs, shower curtains – all artists’ profits goes to amazing organizations and charities.

Mother Eff Laughing

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