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Godbound: Northern Death Gods

D&D: All Shadows Lead to Gloomwrought

In which the same D&D party that went through Tomb of Annihilation and Curse of Strahd leave Ravenloft, heading into the Shadowfell…

Marduk Forever!

Marduk Forever
Classic Indie RPG, Sorcerer, in the fantasy setting, The Dictionary of Mu with Jahmal Brown, @MadJayZero, and Judd Karlman, @judd_of_kryos

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Curse of Strahd

Tomb of Annihilation

Moons of Leviathan


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Book 1 | The Ballad of Bina Janos

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Book 2 | Into the Vault

Book 3 | Nara and the Burning Wheel

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