Situation Mining

In which I grab some idea, piece of media, or Paizo’s Adventure Path and mine out of it what I’d want to use as inspiration for a Burning Wheel game with links and pre-made characters.

Exiled by the Emperor (inspired by Renegade Crowns)


The Emperor and the Grand Theogonist have found your family guilty on charges of being Chaos Tainted.  Your house is exiled, sent to the lawless Borderlands due to Sigmar’s mercy. At best you will establish your ducal house as a Border Prince and maybe marry your children back into the Empire. At worst your house will fall under bandits, orc or Chaos Cults that all flourish in the Borderlands.

Iron Gods

Iron Gods Cover

The town’s flame went out. The town’s wizard has gone missing and the Technic League will be coming before too long to collect taxes.

Add in science-fantasy craziness to taste and there you go.

Skull and Shackles


You’ve been press ganged into the Chelaxite navy!

Is it true the old ways of Cheliax have been subverted since the Thrune Ascendancy? Is it true that the state religion is now worship of Asmodeous, the God Tyrant of Hell? Is it true that human sacrifices to said Devil-God take place in the city of Westcrown?

All true!

Shattered Star


Slums in perpetual shadow.

Incoming adventurers looking for artifacts, prestige and gold.

The players are vultures.

Forms: α. ME volture, ME vowlture, ME– vulture (ME fulture), ME voultour, 16 vultour. β. ME–18 … (Show More)
Frequency (in current use):
Etymology: < Anglo-Norman vultur and voutre, Old French voltour, voultour, voutour (French vautour), or Latin vultur, or < Latin vulturius. The Old French forms, like Provençal voltor, voutor, and Italian avoltore, avoltojo, represent Latin vulturius, while Anglo-Norman voutre, Spanish buitre, and Portuguese abutre are from Latin vultur.

One of a number of thieves, reavers and rogues who make their living stealing the treasures and gold and artifacts from adventurers, tomb-delvers and would-be heroes.


House Mormont

Lady Mormont

I like the idea of a young, 2 lifepath character, learning how to lead and getting counsel from a few 4 and 5 LP characters.

Until the Blood on your Hand is the Blood of a King

5 dead kings

Tiamat crowned 5 Her five chosen kings. Each king may ride one of her draconic consorts into battle once in their lifetime.

It is said that each of these kings will birth a daughter and those daughters will reign for a thousand years until the Messiah Empress, Tiamat’s truest daughter, will come to unite all 5 thrones until the end of time.

You can’t let that happen.