Little Thoughts

I went to be incredibly early last night and had damned strange dreams. There were spiders that I could hear walking around because they were so damned big and lost time that I couldn’t account for and travels in a Middle Eastern country that I couldn’t name with beautiful beaches but I had trouble explaining what gluten-free meant to my waitress.

With Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother coming out, lots of blog folks are talking about how cool YA fiction is and how many amazing science fiction and fantasy novels are over in the YA section of the book store. Seems to me that Rob Donoghue said those very things to me about two or three years ago when I started working on 1st Quest.

Yesterday, everything that was physically challenging that I tried to do just felt difficult. I managed to do it and get through it all but it felt like there were weights on my lungs. Nutrition-wise, I had a stout breakfast and a decent lunch and hydrated properly. Just one of those days, I guess.

In other news, my gaming schedule is chilling out a bit, with the Friday night game going every other week and I have to downshift the orc-via-skype game to monthly for a bit in order to get on school, some other writing and 1st Quest.

Thanks for the help.

I just listened to the recorded playtest notes that John, Terry, Alexander and Thor did for me last year for 1st Quest and I wanted to thank them all again. Having that information in that format made it really easy for me to get back up on that bucking bronco that is 1st Quest. I know what I have to do to get that sucker moving again and I have two pages of notes to prove it.

Thanks, playtesters. You make the gaming world go ’round.

I could not sleep last night at all.

Friday: R, P, W, Wr

Reading: I’m nibbling at Wild Talents and re-reading Reign this week.

Planning: A trip, a move, two cons, a few games. Too much.

Wearing: Jeans, a t-shirt and a button down shirt over it. Also, dirty socks. It is laundry time.

Writing: Taking notes to do a re-write for 1st Quest after the NYC playtest crew’s awesome notes have come in. They are amazing.


Anybody out there not at Origins?

Dead Run

Bret and I went to the nearby Wildflower Preserve and ran the trail. About a hundred yards in and I twisted my ankle a bit. If we’d been running from zombies, as we joked we were getting in shape to prepare for, I’d have been dead.

“BRET! Go on without me, man!”

Quickly followed by, “BRET! I don’t want to get eaten…carry me, man!”

I stretched it out a bit and trundled on, only a little tender. It seems to be fine now.

We made it to the Second Dam, where I used to swim as a wee lad but I have no recollection of how to get there from the trail. I know there is a steep incline trail that we used to take but I’m hazy on where that was. It’d be nice to run, swim at Second Dam and then run back.

Now I’m awake, ready to do some work on 1st Quest for a playtest crew.

Reading, Planning, Wearing, and Writing

Reading: I’m reading Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon, the first book of Malazan Book of the Fallen. It does tons of things that I generally hate in fantasy novels with rather ludicrous names, convoluted history and apostrophes in the previously mentioned names.

But it works. It hangs together well. I’m not quite hooked line and sinker into a long series but I’m intrigued.

After this I want to read some Kafka, a hole in my reading list.

Planning: Tonight’s a late night at the library for finals studying. Fridays are generally slow. Should be rather dull.

For this afternoon, a haircut.


Wearing: Still wearing my shorts and a tank top from working out with Jim. Twenty-five minutes of cardio goes much faster when you can geek out with your neighbor about Avatar, JLU, Delta Green and various fantasy novels.

Writing: Still getting my examples straight for 1Q and writing what might be a longish story about the killing of a dragon, taking the fantsy cliches and adding in some bank robbery hiest tropes. It is good fun.

How about you on this beautiful Friday afternoon?

Friday Meme on Sunday

Reading: I just finished Un Lun Dun, which was amazing and warrants its own kvelling post. I’m going back and forth between re-reading Perdido Street Station and reading for the first time, All Men are Brothers.

Wearing: My Captain America for President t-shirt, jeans and my new shoes. The shoes are like a combination of dress shoes and 4-wheel drive truck tires. Comfy. I dig.

Planning: Playtest this afternoon after work with the Sunday guys.

Writing: I’ve started poking at some fiction again and there are stripes of paper being used as book marks that might be a game or a story or both. Also, getting 1st Quest ready for the NYC Playtest Posse’s May run-through of 1Q.

Nice News

Had a nice skype conversation with a fella by the name of Andrew who played 1st Quest with his group, using the tutorial for the World Tree Pack and the rough, rough cut of the rules document I sent him. I was excited to hear that it went well. What was even more exciting was that one of the players was a fourteen year old boy.

His character was a young boy being raised by wolves who hated humans and was counseling the pack to trust none of humanity and kill them all. Wow, my game inspired a teenager to make a self-hating human wolf pup.

Time to wrap a bow on this sucker. Its done.

I’ll finish up the settings, tighten up a few rules, write the remaining rules examples and move on to the next steps.