Bloody Night in MoBu City

I really need to make a google doc to keep track of NPC names and MoBu City places. But like most good settings, MoBu City feels like just another character. ¬†When I create the document, I’ll post a link to it in this thread.

The game began with Rifkin doing a job to get rid of some tax on his Resources. Helder the Fence wanted him to steal a piece of art from a thief who had stolen it. Ruiz, a hot-headed kid who had cut his way out of a job gone bad, stole it weeks ago but would not give it up, even now that the merchant who was thieved from was offering decent money for its return.

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Daydreaming at Night

This week’s gaming was all thrown for a loop when my work went night-shift due to a co-worker’s family emergency. I’m working a late night again, school-work’s done and just kind of musing about the games, thinking about what is to come.

In the 13 Cities, Storn’s character has taken control of Baal since the Sorcerer-King declared martial law. Next game should be about him trying out his newly learned Strategy skill as winter breaks and the army of Baal and the surrounding Lake Country knights bring their arms against the hordes from the steppe.

In MoBu City Rifkin is just getting his feet under him. There’s only one of his old crew he hasn’t met with yet, the old goblin lockpick who surprised everyone and went back to work for his dad after things fell apart. He’s got work to do to earn some coin, spying on a wizard who has a taste for expensive prostitutes and he has some word on who sent him to the gaol.

We meet at awesome places. Storn and I will meet up in a tense city built under the boughs of a tree-god. Pete and I will meet this Friday night in a filthy city whose rivers turn red with the blood of a demi-god who is chained under the water somewhere up-stream.

It isn’t gaming and could not ever replace the act of getting together with friends and making shit up but when things get lean and some games get missed, I like that ability to just kind of daydream, drift away to the fictional meeting place where I’ll meet up with friends soon.

Where are you daydreaming lately?

Great moments from tonight’s BW Fantasy Noir game

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I just want answers,” Rifkin said over and over again, trying to convince his former friends that he wasn’t going to go on a revenge-fueled kill-crazy rampage.

The city itself is a splendid thing and its growing in neat ways. A Great Wolf gang leader named Dog. An orc landlord named Blood-Collector (short for He Who Collects Blood to Hold his Land) and a brothel on the nice side of town owned by a Demi-Goddess. We’ve got feuding wizards, crooked city watch lieutenants and former thieves turned fences. In a great homage to MoBu City’s main inspiration, Mieville’s Bas Lag books, Pete referred to the Great Spiders as Weavers. Nice.

Y’know, Rif, wizards steal shit too. Did you know that? Yeah, only they do research and call it adventuring. What a fucking racket!

Out of Gaming Withdrawl

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But what I didn’t get to tell Judd at the table, is as we approached Baal, I really felt like Kuryn was at peace, and it was nice to be coming home. To see the huge Elder Ring tree in the center of the city, to see the river that winds out of the south part of the valley upon approach, made up for the the fact that Kuryn was half starving, had walked through many, many miles of blinding snow.

Nothing like returning to your home city, half-starved, with the head of your enemy in a barrel filled with salt.

The Summoner and the Women

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Did you ever have one of those summers when you are just surrounded by awesome women? Maybe you were attracted to a few of ’em.

That is what this game felt like.

Sammesh is a kind of graduate student, a graduate student who carries an iron-shod staff and can summon the ghosts of the dead and demi-gods. He is in love with another summoner and has a shitty relationship with his overbearing mother. He is trying to be half the man his grandfather, the wizard who raised him, showed him how to be.

I like this guy. This week I really felt I was in his skin. That was great night of gaming.