A few inspiring d6 tables to get the juices flowing.

A few inspiring d6 tables to get the juices flowing.

When do I use tables like the ones below?

I might use them before the game as my pre-game prep, figuring out a few rumors or a handful of missions or things that might be happening.

I might use one of the d6 tables to figure something out and disclaim some decision making to the dice. Maybe I want 2 factions that are fighting – handy to have 6 factions in a d6 table (or 4 or 8 or 10 or 12 or…you get the idea), isn’t it?

Might use it to figure out what is happening in a part of the map that I did not think the players were going to head into or to flesh out an idea.

Might just use them as lists of cool shit to inspire ideas during play. They can be a good way of writing down the campaign’s starting vibes.

If I’m stuck, I find I can usually write down 6 bullet-point ideas that aren’t fully formed. After that, 6 more bits to spice up those 6 and then one more to add something odd. If you really aren’t sure, put down your 6 favorite monsters, your 6 favorite types of places and 6 more odd things that have nothing to do with anything else. Roll some dice and see what comes of it or pick my favorite from each and see what that inspires.

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PIC: faded gaming table behind the words TEXT: Type of place: 1 Ruined Tower 2 Ancient Temple 3 Beautiful Grove 4 Abandoned castle 5 Barrow 6 Wizard-scorched battlefield Glimmer of Past: 1 Shrine to dead god 2 Statue of a dead dynasty's monarch 3 Dying empire's boundary marker 4 Ancient druidic order's standing stone 5 Ancient road 6 Mass grave from a slaughter lost to history Wild Card: 1 Remnant of a spell gone wrong 2 Spirit, watching and judging 3 Ghost, longing and reaching 4 Bandit scout, hiding and assessing 5 Beast, hunting and sniffing 6 Your favorite monster
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Places Serene Glade Ancient Witch-Tree Coven Devil Gorge Ancient Standing Stones Elf Ruins Raging River Factions (roll twice if you want factions fighting – same result might be in-fighting) Satyrs Queen’s Elves, returning to lands they left long ago Witch-Elves, sworn to fell trees, never left Tieflings (with a keep and small castle town in Devil Gorge) Gnomes, ply the river Scattered human nomads, hither and yon Problems Something ancient has stirred One faction’s forces is stalking the other from stealth One faction’s forces is retreating desperately Diplomacy among two factions is occurring One faction is celebrating a holy day Two factions are trading goods
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The ship is dealing with

1 plague
2 storm damage
3 mutiny
4 a difficult mission ahead
5 being hunted by a sea beast
6 being hunted by a rival ship

Ship type:

2Ship of War
3Whaler/Beast Hunter
4Refugee Ark
6Storm Wizard's Sanctum/Storm Deity's Temple

One more thing:

1 Ghost Ship
2 Treasure Map
3 Storm on the horizon
4 Pirates on the horizon
5 Land Ho!
6 Dragon
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Inspired by:

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