Odd Dream on Friday

Had a dream that it occurs to me is a recurring dream. In the dream I am out in the hills somewhere, forest all around. It is a little bit more barren than Ithaca hills tend to be but could be Ithaca during a drier spell.

Over-head a military plane circles and tries to land and I watch as it crashes, unable to do anything. I usually wake up when it crashes.

Reading: I put down The Alchemy of Stone in order to rip through the Mouse Guard RPG. MG is Luke’s best game yet and I am chomping at the bit to get it on the table. Alchemy of Stone is one of the most beautiful and haunting fantasy novels I have read in a long time. It says something that I want to loan it to my mom when I am done with it.

: Sorcerer sci-fi and wrasslin’ tonight with some D&D and then a Tom Waits kareoke farewell party tomorrow for Aaron K. Sunday will be a yoga session to catch up on the two I missed today and yesterday and intense room and house cleaning. I am long overdue to get my room in some kind of order.

: A comfy shirt and freshly cleaned jeans.

Writing: I am making really nice progress on a short story that I was stalled out on for a long time.

And you?

Friday Night is Made for Gaming

I took a thirty minute or so after-work nap and had a vivid dream. I was in The Toaster and snow began to fall into the open windows. Some kind of snow-slide was pushing the car into a gorge. I jumped out of th ewindow and the snow took my under, pushing me down to the road. I was wearing just what I was wearing when I fell asleep and I assumed that my phone would be in my little side-pocket of my jeans, so that despite being under lots of snow, I could call people for help.

When I woke up my phone was not in my pocket and for some reason that really disturbed me. “My dream-self is going to die under all that snow.”

My roommates were eating dinner in the living room, talking in soft tones while late afternoon turned to twilight. We all got together and sat in the living room, leaving the lights out and talking shit. It was really nice. I like where I live, the people I am surrounded by.

Pete, Aaron and I played Darkpages and it was good fun. It was just so nice to see those guys again; I have really missed them both something terrible and this little three person group is perfect. We played an extremely satisfying first issue of Zeppelin City Team-Up: The Revenant and Sgt. Coopersmith. The final panels were hot-hot-hot.

Honestly, game or no, the three of us could have sat there and talked all night; we nearly did.

We also set the foundation for a Burning Wheel game, thinking that maybe we would alternate between that and Darkpages. Pete mentioned that he was hungry for a long-term BW game and it doesn’t take much to get me and Aaron to jump on the Wheel. Threads on that game’s set up and a further post in the Forge’s Playtest forum for our Darkpages game is-a-coming.

Darkpages is the Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics RPG.

On my way home I stopped by Louie’s Lunch and talked with Ron, leaving as he became more and more swamped by drunk college kids, looking for grease to mix with their liquor.

Tomorrow is work -> D&D -> UFC.

I’m booked to the gills and I’m not sure I would have it any other way. But just in case, I am keeping my phone in my pocket, so I can call for help from under the snow.

Odd Dream

I dreamed that I was walking on a surreal version of a New Jersey boardwalk with my mom and Janaki and we ran into Jason Morningstar and Remi and Remi’s girlfriend, a Vietnamese girl named Joy.

We all were excited to see one another, I introduced them to my mom and lady-friend and we all played Shock: Social Science Fiction. It was a nice, happy dream, which is good because I’ve had some really shitty dreams lately.

Friday Night Nap

I left work four and a half hours earlier than my old shift permitted me to. That was pleasant.

Came home, devoured a rice crust pizza with gluten free sausage, a glass and a half of limeade and then unbuttoned the top two buttons of my jeans, read a few comic books and fell into a really satisfying nap on a porch chair.

The storm picked up and the pines around the porch were brushing up against it. At some point, while the citronella candles and lightning were flickering, there was a dream of some kind of two story tall monster parting the trees, looking down at me. When I told Bret, he said, “That is terrifying,” but it was a friendly beast. I’m not sure how I knew that but I do, just one of those things you know in a dream.

I think it was John Harper’s beastie from his design page.

Tonight’s dream…

I was at the 7-11 near my house and there were these novels about Alice in Wonderland that caught my eye and then I looked around and there were all of these wierdos. In Gaiman’s Neverwhere or Mieville’s Un Lun Dun, these people would have been quickly identified as being from that magical otherplace.

One of them shouldered past me and I asked what kind of slurpee he had in his hand; I noticed it was in a glass and that he had a top hat on.

“You can see me? It is an absinthe and whiskey slurpee,” he replied.

Everyone from the magical otherplace got pretty keen that I could see them and began to offer me books. They set their (splat) books on the floor. There were nine of them. Some of them moved while they were on the floor. One had bones set in its pages.

I narrowed it down to three just based on covers and everyone seemed disappointed.

“Always the same damned three,” someone muttered

I put the first three aside and chose a dictionary that detailed what words did to you on their way out of your throat when you said them out loud. There was another called Teslyanna about electronic demons that was intriguing too. As I walked home my vision went from color to black and white and I heard the words: I knew that when I woke up, my life would be in a different movie.

Neat, trite but neat.

Terrible Dreams

I had a vicious dream about arguing with my awful 1st grade teacher. So, in a moment of odd lucidity, I called the office from the classroom and asked them to send down a mediator.

And they sent down my awful third grade teacher. Then the dream was about arguing with them both.

So, I argued with them both until a school counselor showed up at which point they and the rest of the class left. The school counselor lady, in the dream, was fictional; I don’t remember meeting my school’s counselor.

Mrs. Mesnikoff, Mrs. Rosenthal, wherever you are on earth, heaven or hell, I wish you no harm other than the harsh knowledge that you were terrible at your chosen vocations.

Terrible Dreams

Last night I had terrible dreams. I only remember vague bits: Military airplanes falling out of the sky while on the road with my father, someone who owned a T-top Corvette – one of those big ones from the 70’s and finally, the guy who owned the afore mentioned ‘Vette tried to cut my father with a straight-razor and I put a nearby knife in their eye.


I woke up to Janaki being nice and waking me up all cuddly, asking me how my sleep was.

Me: Shitty.

Her: Why? Did I move around a lot?

Me: Bad dreams.

Her: What was in the dreams?

Me: Knives.

My Dream Dinner with…Tony Bennett?

Where did that come from?

Jeff and I were eating dinner or maybe lunch at a diner (I wasn’t stressed out about eating out, so you know its a dream) and we walked by Tony Bennett eating alone. We chatted with him a bit while they cleared away our table.

I remember talking to him about my problems and he talked to me about his kids a bit. Jeff went and took our table while I talked with Tony for a little longer. Tony came back with me when I went to sit at me and Jeff’s table. Tony said to Jeff, “This guy’s the real deal.”

Jeff just nodded, not sure what to say and Tony hugged me and went back to his own table. I sat down for dinner.

I woke up from me and Janaki’s overlong afternoon nap perplexed.

If I ruled the world, ev’ry day would be the first day of spring
Every heart would have a new song to sing
And we’d sing of the joy every morning would bring

Tony Bennett
Words by Leslie Bricusse/Music by Cyril Ornadel