Post-Dreamation Thoughts & Links

Jeff is the best traveling companion ever.

Rob is an awesome host and his couch and floor are the most comfortable places to be after 12+ hours of gaming goodness.

Jungle Speed is the coolest game ever invented.

PTA is my favorite way to spend four hours of gaming with total strangers.

And the online post-con fun-filled fall-out begins:

Indie RPG Roundtable podcasted from Perfect Score


Nathan Speaks the Truth: ‘Like, seriously. All this theory bullshit? It’s cool, and its valuable, and there are great things that come out of it. But I didn’t think about it all weekend, because I was having such a good time actually playing.

For all the shit that people give Ron, he’s right about one thing. Actual play, actual play, actual play. Without play, this is all meaningless.’

The Hamster Prophet Speaks: ‘Holy fucking shit. Someone will actually PAY me for this thing? Like, me, in person? Give me money in exchange for my product? I don’t know if I can deal.’

Matt Speaks: ‘Met many other cool people, played some fun games…’

Keith, another Jungle Speed addict.: ‘ I had a great time, played in one game, ran one awesome game and one shitty game. ‘

Brennan Speaks.: ‘ If you don’t attend Dreamation and you are anywhere nearby, I encourage you to go. ‘

Joshua Speaks: ‘Dreamation rocked my socked. The folks there (Vinnie et al.) see the indie publishers as a draw, and they treat us really spectacularly.’

Alexander’s Decree: Iskrating: More fun than a barrel of greased choirboys.’

Russell is renewed.: ‘I’m excited about writing this game again. And THAT’S what I needed.’

Keith fuckin’ speaks.: ‘Though the day started off nice, with me giving a short interview to Judd and Jeff, the Sons of Kryos, in which I speak of the future of gaming, which is off course Jungle Speed. Oh and I also talked a bit about my fucking game…’

Perfect Score: Danae’s POV: ‘I’m supposed to meet the guys at Dreamation, and here I am in the parking lot, half my mouth numb from the root canal I just had, feeling like I really don’t want to go in to the menacing towers of the Hilton that rise in the distance. ‘

Perfect Score: Diabolik’s POV: ‘I know how to prepare for CONS.

I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘

Bret speaks: ‘The most inspiring thing about going to Dreamation was putting to rest this notion that all the game designers are these mega-smart, eloquent gamer-philosophers. They were all geeks like me.’

Michael Speaks ‘I had more fun at Dreamation 2006 than any other convention ever. No contest.’ NOTE: Lots of good AP stuff in there too.

Alexander Speaks Again ‘We expose something in ourselves that we want to address, question, examine or dare I say it, roleplay. Put another way, there’s something we want to get out of the character, and since it’s an expression of our subconscious, we don’t always know what it is.’

Perfect Score Interviews: Luke Crane: ‘Are you fucking kidding me’

AP Threads:

The Hare and Hound: The finest single session I have ever run.

Bret runs octaNe: Elvis is in the Building.

Bret plays Capes: Timmy saves the day.

Clinton Rocks the Princes of Islandia: Five years old and kicking ass.

Nathan Playtests his Vietnam RPG, Carry

Andrew does Dogs and they end up in jail. Watchdogs of the King of Life in jail?

Andrew Discusses some problems at his tables.

Brennan runs Mortal Coil

Keith runs Conspiracy of Shadows, Blood Opera.

Pre-Dreamation Blood Opera with Keith and Alexander.

I ran Sorcerer: Dictionary of Mu

Josh runs Shock (with me)

Kat and Emily play Breaking the Ice

Kat runs an Everyway LARP

Nathan works on a 15-minute Demo

I run PTA: Life on Mars with Rob, Andy, Mike and Rich.

Life on Mars mp3’s

With Great Power: Two-Fisted Prez: Really interesting stuff going on in this game. Neat.

Tony’s Capes Tournament


How Mike Organizes an Indie RPG Explosion: ‘For any successful convention presence, there are 3 groups of people to satisfy. They have needs in 5 areas that need to be met.’

Jennifer was selling these disturbing Valentine’s Day cards.

Abzu Speaks: ‘Holy cow. That was awesome. I ran a session of the Gift with Brennan Taylor (of IPR ) and Jared Sorensen (of Memento-Mori ), Bob (who’s played with Judd) and Greg, who was a BW noob. It was fucking fantastic. Restored my faith in humanity. ‘

General Dreamation Con Thread at Forge: ‘And it was great to meet folks and play games (for once). Who knows? This RPG thing might be okay after all.’

Jungle Speed (just bought it, even now the totem sings to me from the middle of the table)

As links come up, I will post them here to have my Dreamation links in one place.